Super Powers

I had forgot about Keith Powers, 5'8", 175#, until a few weeks ago. The young Canadian fought two matches for Can-Am in 1994, first against Steve Sterling (he was the initial conquest in Steve Sterling Conquers Canada) and then against Chris Divito in the X-rated Hard Nude Oil Wrestling--back when video titles didn't mince words.

I was originally drawn to Powers because he resembled WCCW star Brian Adias, down to the dark, curly mullet, but Powers actually possessed the muscular definition that Adias had only in a few of my fantasies (though Adias had the height and mass I like). And like Adias, he was a genius at selling agonized defeat. 

Even if the title had not already given away Powers' fate, nobody but nobody would have predicted a surprise reversal against an atom bomb like Steve Sterling. Resistance is futile. "Don't even try it," Sterling barks out when Keith jabs an elbow to his tormentor's lead-lined ribs, trying to escape an arm lock. "You are with a MAN now."

Sterling professes to be disappointed in the low quality of Canadian competition, but if I may read something into the taut crotch of his baby-blue trunks (or simply draw an analogy to my response to this beatdown), he seems plenty impressed with the way Powers' hunky body twitches and slides between his massive thighs.

When Keith slips free and lands a couple of elbow drops to the back of Sterling's head, the big guy swats him down promptly with a stiff jab to the midsection that decides the rest of the battle. "You might as well just give it up now," Steve tells him, but I'm glad Keith hangs on to thrash, grimace, and moan for another 17 slick and strenuous minutes before Sterling mercifully puts him out of his misery.

Powers' chances are better against Chris Divito in the main event match of Hard Nude Oil Wrestling, which I recently repurchased on DVD. Divito is more Powers' size and body type. The match (again in oil) offers more of the give and take I enjoy in wrestling.  Powers gets the first takedown. But Divito is an aggressive and experienced fighter, and he turns the tables on Keith immediately.

It helps that I'm a fan of Divito too, and, obviously from the title and the rating, this match plays up the homoerotic potential of oil wrestling (as if oil wrestling needed its homoerotic potential played up--it pretty much defines homoeroticism at my house). Divito is hotheaded and fearless, perfect for the kind of balls-to-the-wall melee I favor. He does most of the trash-talking here (unfortunately, much of it consisting of homophobic slurs), but it's Powers' sighs and whimpers that make a lasting impression--as well as the well-deserved trouncing he later gives to the bully.

We see more fight, as well, especially when, about eight minutes into the contest, the boys start slugging it out. We see Powers' sado-aggressive side (a turn from his masochistic anguishes under Sterling and nicely balanced against Divito's penchant for goading his opponents). These wrestlers enjoy hurting each other.

I haven't checked Guinness, but Powers may hold the record for the longest pinfall: 100 seconds (without a ref in sight, you can't be too careful, so hold that bad boy down for-eh-ver). He might also be smothering Chris with the oil-saturated pouch of his lavender thong. In any event, the fall earns him the right to strip his conquest of his (already minimalist) gear, which he then cavalierly tosses aside.

Divito pays him back, and within a minute both wrestlers are buck naked and fully engorged, if not yet hard as nails. I love the way the cameraman zooms in for our first peek at Powers' penis under duress. Nude oil wrestling is not as easy to pull off as you might imagine. I've seen my share of these matches, and despite their inherent sexiness, there's an art to doing them well. Keith and Chris make it look easy.

Divito gets the penultimate fall with a grinding, thrusting bodyscissors that should have been nominated for a Pulitzer at least. Despite the X-rating, there's no penetration, just its simulacrum in the pokes and lunges of wrestling, which, truth be told, is all I need: As a wise young wrestler once told me, my kinks might have been the "safe sex" that let me survive the death trap of the 1980s--though, no credit to me, I was not consistently safe and, sadly, have outlived friends who were no more incautious than I was.


  1. I've never been able to grasp the appeal of either oil or water matches. The wrestlers spend more time trying to actually engage a hold than be in hold. And all the slipping, sliding, and squirming about...meh! Powers looks amazing, but did he ever have a non-oil match?

    1. For me, the slo-mo effect is part of oil wrestling's appeal. True, holds require longer to apply, sometimes frustratingly so, but once in position the wrestlers squirm and thrust against each other at length, which (for me) is the homoerotic soul of wrestling. I think that, compared to most oil wrestling, Powers and Divito spend more time engaged in their holds than in trying and failing to grasp each other's body, which is a reason I consider it one of the top oil-wrestling matches I have seen.

  2. OT, a phenomenon I've noticed lately. I often follow the link thumbnails you so thoughtfully provide and it's seems to me that I end up on a posting from 2010 with great frequency. It seems like a peak year for the kind of hotness that draws my attention.

  3. Well, one reason may simply be that, with 572, it has more posts than any other year. But, I maintain that it comes up more often than the statistics justify.

    1. 2010 was a good vintage. Year of the tiger.


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