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Marco faces off against Dominic in Thunders Arena's Battlespace 83, and the new kid doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut. He taunts the bigger, more experienced wrestler, asking whether the bruise on Dom's nipple means his boyfriend sucked it too hard, then claiming Dom is wearing his sister's panties as trunks. All right, maybe Dominic started it by claiming that Marco is a "feminine" name. But once it starts, nothing stops Marco's mouthiness. With 25 extra pounds of muscle bearing down on the small, but nicely built rookie, hiding him from camera view for almost two minutes, Marco persists in insulting his opponent, accusing him of dry-humping him and wondering aloud why Dominic can't finish. Dominic says that he has 25 minutes to finish, with a nod to the fans at home who appreciate matches longer than five minutes.

Dominic admits that Marco's making it difficult for him.  Impossible, actually. The kid refuses to submit, muscles his way free of Dominic's crushing weight, and, with remarkable spunk, gets back up on his feet, returning both men to the starting position. He's a born grappler, but then so is Dominic, who's heavier, with years of accrued experience, having played survival of the fittest with some of Thunders' best wrestlers for four years. But after conquering Viggo in Battlespace 78, Marco seems determined to make as big an impression on wrestling fans as possible, and speaking as one fan only, I am hugely impressed with him. With two battlers of this high quality, the fight won't end easy. Neither guy will give up. Both guys go for low blows when nothing else seems to be working. Nobody's walking off the mat until the other guy is knocked clean out.

Something about Marco takes me back to P.E. in high school. I can almost smell the jockstraps hung to dry and the bracing scent of Dial soap. In reverent awe I watched the boys in the showers snap their towels at one another's pale butts. Marco plays rough, and he's undaunted by his opponents' size and knowhow. Supremely self-confident, he hurls himself into the fight. There's nothing standoffish about Marco. He sells every groaning, thrusting hold with every ounce in him. Though smaller than the average Arena fighter, he has the makings of a superstar. Even when he's down, he comes across as the aggressor. He may also be the most sexually provocative wrestler (as in PROVOKE) in Thunders Arena history.  I can't wait to see him against Angel, if that happens--THAT pairing would kick up a real shit storm.


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