6 vs 6

A twelve-man tag-team match may be too much chaos for me to follow, but how can I resist a match featuring some of the hottest eye candy in European wrestling? This Wrestling Stars match from November is a wrestling kinkster's wet dream. The good guys are Tyson Dos Santos, Nathan Cruz, Tiny Iron, Warren Brady, Prince Zefi, and Yacine Osmani. The bad guys are Ghent, Al Jihan, Baadshah Pehalwan Khan, Greg Master, Rob Holte, and Tango Timm. You have the bad guys ganging up on the adorable Yacine. You have Tyson too busy groping his package to let the ref raise his arm in victory. Then, moments later, you have Ghent working him over. (For me, the last half of the match is all Tyson's show.) Anything with Warren Brady in it is worthwhile, of course, however briefly and peripherally. Nathan Cruz is severely underused, but looks great standing on the ring apron. And you can watch the colorful battle from two vantage points: here and here.

Tango Timm assaults Warren Brady (Tiny Iron and Tyson Dos Santos watch from behind)

Ghent corners Tiny Iron on bad guy territory (Rob Holte, Al Jihan, and Greg Master look on)

Ghent staggered

Greg Master tangles with the adorable Yacine Osmani

Yacine takes a deep breath before attempting to Irish whip big Al Jihan

Rob Holte prepares to slam Yacine

Yacine feels the blunt force of "Phenomenal" Ghent

Warren Brady (the Rick Rude of the UK)

Tyson Dos Santos dares Al Jihan to do something about his successful pin of Baadshah Khan

Tyson in a bit of trouble

Al Jihan powerslams Tyson

Tyson doesn't know what hit him

Tyson in the capable arms of Ghent

Tango Timm grabs Tyson by the ... um ... leg?

Greg uses Tyson as a punching bag

Tiny Iron has had enough of Ghent


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