Best of Three

In their fourth showdown (their third in the past year), Krush and Johnny O fight a two-out-of-three-submissions contest. Technically the match is a showcase for Krushco's new style: high key natural lighting, a camera that moves with the action, sharp hi-res video, and professional-strength graphics. Scrap-wise, this is one of Krush's most dynamic and dramatically intense battles. Johnny O is physically Krush's best match as an opponent, and he expresses more "character" than most previous adversaries--and doesn't mind playing the bad guy when he's cornered.

The match goes for three falls, which means that the last seven minutes is amazingly robust and aggressive. There's no disqualification, draw, or loose ends. Both are totally exhausted at the end of the 18-minute ordeal. Both wrestlers can be sore losers, adding fuel to the fire as the two struggle to break the climactic tie. Krush may have been way too much for Johnny when they first clashed almost four years ago, but things are different now: Johnny's wised up, manned up, revved up. For once it's Krush we're worried about--though, to be honest, Johnny is not putting out anything that Krush can't handle.

Lots o' punches, chokes, scissors, tendon-busters, and grunts. This one is classic 40-carat Krush.


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