Expect the Unexpected: An Interview with Marco at Thunders Arena

A month ago, Mister Mike asked me which Thunders Arena wrestler I would most like to interview. This was probably a consolation prize for my voluntarily removing posts about Big Sexy, who was kowtowing to WWE's ridiculous concerns about his "dick wrestling" (WWE's choice of words) at the Arena. (Interestingly, Seth Rollins, formerly Tyler Black at Cyberfights, could press his ass up to Marek Brave's dick and roll his eyes ecstatically, apparently without a peep from WWE when he joined the company four or five years ago. I might have thought WWE is taking a step back to the closet, except the Eddy Brock matches at Cyberfights are still up and running.) It probably surprises nobody that I picked Marco to interview. Though relatively new to the company, he has made a gigantic impression on me. Instant rough-trade idolatry. I would list him among the top ten of current online video wrestlers (at the Arena and elsewhere) for whom I would happily adjust my schedule and budget to see more of. His easy blend of extroversion, wrestling prowess, and buff machismo won my heart from the first match I ever saw him in, Battlespace 78, in which Viggo mocked his freshly storebought and unscuffed wrestling shoes, inspiring the rookie to kick the egomaniac's ass. With vigor! Because of Marco's busy schedule lately, the interview was staggered over several sessions. I've taken some liberties with ordering some of the statements, in the interest of narrative flow. I will skip the customary opening pleasantries. 

Joe: How did you get so cocky?

Marco: Wrestling in high school builds a lot of character. I wrestled all four years in high school and had a lot of ups and downs. I was not always this big sexy machine you see before you. I was once the kid that people made fun of because I was too small. Wrestling gave me the confidence to stand up for myself.

Joe: What got you started in wrestling?

Marco: My dad was a wrestler, and my two brothers are wrestlers, so I was born to be a wrestler. I was the state runner-up in high school, but never a state champ. That's what drives me today to be the best.

Joe: And then you went to Thunders Arena?

Marco: I'm good friends with a doctor that is a fan of Thunders Arena, and he recommended I check it out and see if I could audition to join the show. He gave me Mr. Mike's contact information, and I gave him a call. I had to try out for the show, and bam! a star was born!

Joe: A "star," indeed! Do you even realize how hot you are?

Marco: As I said, I was always the smaller kid in school, and I was never in the preppy in-crowd. I went to a very rich school. My dad was a blue-collar worker, so I never had stuff given to me like the other kids. I had to work hard for everything. I pretty much kept to myself and put my nose down and worked hard. I like wrestling because I can get out my aggression and get rid of some of the anger issues I had from being made fun of. I moved after high school. We moved from Pennsylvania to Florida, and that's when I discovered that girls and guys down here like me for me and appreciate the body I've developed. It didn't matter how much money my family had. 

Joe: Any reservations about signing on the dotted line at Thunders Arena?

Marco: I knew it pays really well and that the guys were huge and I would be one of the smaller guys. I was cool with that. I'm working out every day super hard to become a bigger guy. Hopefully I'll be over 200 pounds by summertime. I hope to wrestle in college, so I figured it was a great way to make money after I start going to college.

Joe: Was it difficult adjusting to wrestling in front of a camera?

Marco: You never really notice it until you flip someone INTO it. Then you're like "OH CRAP! I cannot afford that payroll deduction!" [Smiles.]

Joe: [Laughs.] Tell me a little bit about your life at the Arena so far.

Marco: Fun. It is all totally fun! I have to drive three hours one way just to get there. I even went and traded my old car for a new car just so I can make it to the matches with no problem. I love wrestling so much!

Joe: Have you found the fans to be welcoming?

Marco: I haven't really talked to any fans except for the doctor friend of mine, the one who got me into it, and he really loves watching me. 

Joe: Honestly, I'm surprised you haven't heard from more fans by now. But I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to shake your doctor friend's hand for nudging you towards video wrestling.

Marco: Doc is super into it and thinks it's the greatest thing ever. Doc hopes I wrestle Tak soon, which is his favorite wrestler ... besides me [smiling], because Tak is so handsome.

Joe: Tak would make a terrific adversary for you. Definitely. I don't know his actual story, but to me he looks like the preppy type with his nose in the air. I think you might tear him to shreds. Any other butts you intend to kick in the near future?

Marco: I just filmed a match with Frey, and that bastard actually "punked" me. When I was sleeping, taking a nap actually after a hard day of training, that rat bastard wrapped me up in plastic wrap ... and Mr. Mike was in on it, helped him do it! Mr. Mike actually filmed me getting wrapped up! So I busted out and attacked his arrogant ass, and they caught it all on film.  

Joe: That's a fight I need to see. 

Marco: I seriously was pissed!

Joe: Anyone else on your hit list?

Marco: I would have loved a chance to take down Big Sexy. All I've heard since I got here was that I'm the replacement for Big Sexy, but even after meeting him a couple times, I don't think he's all that.

Joe: Oh, really?

Marco: He actually was really rude to me when he came over to visit Mr. Mike. He wouldn't even acknowledge me or say anything because he was too busy talking to Mr. Mike. That makes him a big chump in my eyes, because all wrestlers should show respect to other wrestlers. You could tell by the way he was walking around that he thought his shit didn't stink and that he was "gracing us with his presence."

Joe: Damn. I am sorry to hear that. I always liked him. Perhaps people see you as the new Sexy because, like him, you don't shy away from Thunder Arena's erotic overtones. At times, you seem deliberately sexually provocative. Are you just messing with your opponent's head, or what?

Marco: Yeah, totally--getting them to freak out gives me an edge.

Joe: Is that the secret to taking down and beating a bigger opponent?

Marco: Expect the unexpected with me. I love to humiliate and make fun of their "weaknesses," how they are dressed, or their tattoos. Have you seen my match with Lex? 

Joe: Not yet. I've seen your first three matches and just received four more by mail. No doubt I'll be buying the Lex match too, though.

Marco: That guy is a total train wreck. All those bad tattoos, the fake spray-on tan. It was too easy to make fun of him. What a joke.

Joe: Which is better for you: winning? or hurting your opponent?

Marco: I really always want to win. I have earned it from how hard I work in the gym. I only have one wrestler I really want to hurt: Skyler. He is a total freaking loser. I can't stand that kid. He thinks he is a real wrestler just because he wrestled a little in high school. Did you see his match with Frey?

Joe: I did ... and I blogged about it.

Marco: He totally pissed Frey off because when Frey tried to be nice and let him go ... because Frey was kicking his ass ... Skyler did a cheap shot move and cranked it super hard on Frey to the point that Frey was seriously going to punch Skyler in the face. Then backstage Skyler brags that he is such a great wrestler when we ALL SAW he was a loser cheap-shot artist who just took advantage of another wrestler trying to move the match along. I mean, we all want to win, but you don't get a cash bonus for winning, so why be a dick?

Joe: Okay, Marco, that's another match you have sold me on ... if and when it ever happens between you and Skyler. Just the verbal preview alone ...

Marco: Skyler and I are not friends. I can't stand stupid people who think they are hot shit, and Skyler is totally full of himself. I actually have been BEGGING Mr. Mike to let me hurt him on film. I promise not to send him to the hospital but just want to teach him a lesson. Mr. Mike has not agreed to let us film until I promise not to hurt him, which I won't do, I HATE that kid.

Joe: You're not one to hide your true feelings, are you? [Laughs.] I have a feeling a letter-writing campaign may be in the works soon: fans demanding Marco versus Skyler, no ... holds ... barred. [Laughs.] What do you consider to be your most masculine trait?

Marco: Hello? Have you seen my abs?

Joe: You bet I have, though it's your thighs and iliac furrow that really knock me out. Your most feminine trait?

Marco: I don't have one.

Joe: Hm. What do you think of other combat sports, like boxing and mixed martial arts?

Marco: I actually wish I could get into MMA more. I'm hoping to find a gym this summer where I can learn and start training. But right now my biggest priority is saving up and getting into college in the fall. ... Boxing is actually kind of boring.

Joe: What pushes your buttons? What would an opponent have to do to make you totally lose it?

Marco: Disrespect pushes my buttons the most. Especially if the guy is a loser or a douchebag like some of the guys I've wrestled. Don't talk shit to me unless you can back it up. So far no one has been able to back it up. At least I don't have some bitch ass "button" like Big Sexy.

Joe: What's his button?

Marco: You can't make fun of his small calves, or he goes and cries to Mr. Mike and pouts like a girl. There's even a rumor that the photographer, Rees, made fun of his calves, and Big Sexy refused to talk to him for the rest of the day during a film shoot.

Joe: Don't hold anything anything back, Marco. [Laughs.] I've enjoyed your answers to my questions almost as much as I enjoy your wrestling, which is, let me say again, awesome. You have natural "superstar" qualities. No, seriously, I mean that. You're quick-witted, passionate, good looking, self-confident, aggressive. 

Marco: Awww. Joe, you flatter me. I am just like any other guy. I am nobody special. I just want my opponents to think I am a total jerk so they get angry and frustrated and lose their concentration so I can put them in my signature moves. That's why I go for moves like the schoolboy pin and  humiliate them ... so they get even more frustrated and see red. Then I can get them in my moves and make them scream "I submit." I am not going to lie. I got a part of me that really gets off on controlling and dominating a bigger dude. I got respect for them, but I am all about making a bigger dude my bitch.

Joe: I have noticed you enjoy knocking the big boys down a notch or two.

Marco: I wrestled a friend recently, who is 350 pounds. I got him in a leg scissor hold, and I squeezed so hard that all my chest and arms got crazy super vascular from my flexing my legs so freaking hard. After, we joked that it looked like I was hulking out, but I was going to make him give, even if I had to flex every muscle in my body to win. 

Joe: Okay, seriously, I am a little breathless now. 

Marco: My buddy said it looked so cool. 


  1. Hot wrestler (Marco) bowls me over. Super (Joe) interview. What does one do after such a score? I am going to Disneyland. P.S. If all boxers looked like Marco, boxing would never be boring.

  2. I appreciate that Marco knows who his audience is and what they want. And he delivers. Sick of all the muscle boys on Thunders and other wrestling sites who aren't into selling the action and think they can just stand in front of the camera and do nothing, like that stupid fuckface Kid Titan.

  3. I like the look and sound of Marco. I have his match vs. Dom and think he's great in it. He'd probably be a must buy for me, except he came along right as Thunders raised their prices. I thought they were already pricey, but $32 for one match seems like too much. It looks like I'll have to live vicariously through your site.

  4. I agree with all the comments here. Marco sounds like just what Thunders needs. Some of their matches are really boring, like they don't get who their audience is. I've stopped shopping there because like Alex says their matches are too expensive. The guys at UCW are generally a different body type than the Thunders guys, but their matches are the right price and the action is far, far hotter.


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