Well-scrubbed and clean-cut heartthrob Kip Sabian (formerly "Sabin"), 5'9", 172#, goes after snobby blue-blood Richard Parliament, 5'9", 182#,  in this match (see screen grabs below) from Falling Starr Wrestling last October. Both are irresistibly lovable in their own ways. I'm drawn to Kip's bouncy pugnacity, but also have a warm spot for Parliament's desperate egoism and clownish bid for the fans' adoration. The camera seems to be in the wrong place for the best moments of a too-short contest, but there's no getting past the energy the two wrestlers spark in each other. No surprises here. The match is textbook babyface versus heel, as slight yet reliable as an after-dinner mint. Worth enjoying for what it is. 


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