Rough & Ready 58

While I was drafting the interview with Marco (earlier this week, but posted yesterday), Thunders Arena's Rough & Ready 58 arrived in my mailbox. This is the match squaring Marco against Frey which Marco alluded to in response to one of my questions. I finished editing the interview before watching it. And is it ever something to behold! Frey wraps a napping Marco in plastic wrap, a practical joke, not so different from other hijinks we have witnessed at Thunders over the years. Marco wakes up and doesn't find the joke funny at all. He tears himself loose and then tears into Frey, torpedoing him on the Arena's cushy sofa (the one that often has a wrestling mat conveniently close by). Frey and Marco go at it nonstop for about fifteen minutes, Marco displaying more power than you might expect and Frey cutting corners to win at all costs.

Marco told me, "I got a part of me that really gets off on controlling and dominating a bigger dude. I got respect for them, but I am all about making a bigger dude my bitch." That part of Marco is on full display in this impromptu contest. The action keeps one foot in the Arena's trademark light-and-breezy fun and games and the other in something darker, more intense, primal. For instance, Frey's low-blow assault comes as a shock, somehow much more violent than the same move we've seen thousands of times before. Maybe it has something to do with the way Marco sells it. He brings a visceral rawness and edge to the mat I have not seen at Thunders Arena before. There's plenty more heat here than I'm accustomed to seeing at this company (or most other places).

Frey and Marco have incredible chemistry and topnotch mat skills. R&R58's standout moments are many, one right after the other. One of my favorites is Frey tugging off Marco's shorts to reveal an almost-not-there bikini that clings to Marco's hips like a fresh coat of paint. The forcible striptease is one thing, but the way Marco fills out his minimalist gear is mouthwatering. There's also a smoldering schoolboy pin, which sees Marco pressing his crotch down on Frey's, knees clamped to Frey's waist, while pushing his face in tight to ensure that Frey knows who is owning his ass. Supercharged moments like this cross the line from frat-boy frolic and horseplay to something gut-level instinctual and savage, without the tawdriness and self-consciousness of porn. Marco's arrival and Big Sexy's departure may mark the start of a new era at Thunders Arena, where the spirit of Fight Club takes a bite out of the Animal House antics of previous years.


  1. It looks pretty good. But I think I'd find the setting in a living room distracting. It's okay to start there, but I'd prefer that they eventually move it to a ring, or, at the very least, a mat in a wrestling space.

  2. Marco sure fills out that tiger-striped bikini oh so beautifully. I would easily pay at least $1000 just to be able to worship his body and coat his magnificent muscles w/oil before we had a little romp on the mat. :)

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