Super Alex

Last year was The Year of Alex Waters, as far as I'm concerned. Rock Hard Wrestling wisely topped it off with an instant classic showdown between him and Dash Decker, a match that still gives me tingles thinking about it. And if his recently released bout with Tyson Matthews is an indicator, 2015 might be his as well.

The setup is that Alex is drilling Tyson on some basic rules of wrestling: the hip toss, full nelson, bear hug, suplex, camel clutch, and something called the "Super Alex." We have to wait a while before he unleashes his trademark finisher, but once seen it cannot be unseen. It's pretty much burned onto my retina now.

Tyson is big and tough enough, but he poses zero threat to Alex's natural supremacy. Here he lands on his third defeat out of three matches. Ethan Andrews and Bruce Ballard did nothing to prepare him for Alex. Poor kid, he's meat thrown to the lions, and with smugly superior amusement Alex whittles the big newcomer down to size. Tyson gets one or two rousing hope spots, but honestly I don't expect the guy to do better than that against a heel like Alex.

Never short of confidence, Alex is lordly in this match. He looks like a pampered Kennedy scion, bearing a passing resemblance to Thomas Barrow, if only Downton Abbey had a tanning bed and workout room. (Okay, now that this is in my head, I will be watching Downton Abbey with brand new eyes from now on.) It's not much of a "fight," per se. It's more like Alex taking Tyson behind the woodshed for a good thrashing. Alex elicits tingles yet again. Always at his best, he is (if possible) even better here.


  1. I love Alex, especially in the dominant role. I think he's perfect as a cocky frat boy heel, so this is a must-watch match for me.

  2. Looks like a one-sided domination match, which can be a huge turn-on in itself. I like Alex as one of the better wrestlers at Rock Hard. One of the best bouts at RHW was Alex Waters vs Chad Daniels. Chad has one awesome ass and it was a great match.


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