Obsession for Men


I am a possession unopened at your feet.
There's no balance
no equality

Be still
I will not accept defeat.
I will have you
I will have you

I will find a way and I will have you.
Like a butterfly
a wild butterfly

I will collect you and capture you.
You are an obsession
you're my obsession

Who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me?
                                                                                  Animotion, 1984

Oil Hunks 5 (from Muscle Domination Wrestling, Season 17, Episode 3) has two parts. In the first part, roughly two-thirds of the video, Cal Bennett loses at arm wrestling (twice) and then again at something resembling ring wrestling and, as a result, must rub baby oil all over Brad Barnes' sumptuous body. In the second part, Brad loses and has to rub oil all over the beauteous Cal.

So ... the oil was supposed to be a punishment???

If so, bring it on. I want to tap out for Cal and rub his body with oil, too. I'd slather it on. Thick. He'd look like a giant jellyfish had splooged all over  him.

I am a total gay-wrestling mark for Cal Bennett. Maybe he is not the best wrestler in the world; maybe he's only above-average. I don't care. He has been an infatuation since I first laid eyes on his baby blues. And Jiminy Christ the guy looks great in almost no clothing! At the beginning of this video, he and Brad, fresh from the shower, wear nothing but damp towels tied low on the hips. The image is still stuck in my mind.

I purchased the download for this match earlier this week, a Christmas present to myself, out of a not-huge-but-thanks-anyway bonus at work. "Money well spent" is all I can say. The action's not especially aggressive or adroit or dramatically coherent (I did not get the point of the match or its rules and penalties. Or maybe I did. Maybe I did.)

To be sure, there was a headlock takedown. Pec abuse. Armbars. A single-leg crab, body scissors, a figure-four chokehold. I love chokeholds, especially between the thighs. A stomach claw. A chokeout finish:  next to a piledriver, my favorite kayo. Then the rubdown with oil. Suddenly a jump cut and now Brad is wearing the leather trunks Cal was wearing in the first part of the video, which soon come off to reveal that both wrestlers are in matching jungle-cat-print gear. The whole thing's pretty laid-back and slow for pro wrestling. It is, however, just ... so ... fucking beautiful, you know?

Cal Bennett. I love the man's nostrils. Does anyone else in the world admire a person's nostrils? And his gums. I am fascinated by his teeth and gums when he grimaces. Even contorted in pain, his face is handsome beyond compare. New butch haircut, tattoos, facial hair, those thick long lashes, oh my. The man has style, and clothing has nothing to do with it. The graceful outward curve of his midsection in profile. And his navel. It's perfection. Have you ever seen such a ridiculously pretty iliac furrow? The chesty voice. Those shoulders, those pecs, those thighs! That ... ass ... I just want to clutch those vanilla cheeks with both hands! Grrrrrr!!!

This is not exactly what I think of when I hear the words "oil" and "wrestling" together. But so what? That's unimportant. Oil Hunks 5 is a National Geographic-style documentary about Cal Bennett's body (and Brad Barnes' too--duh). The video makes me dizzy from smiling too much. As for the wrestling, I can't complain. My favorite part is towards the end when Cal is schoolboy-pinning Brad, his jungle trunks barely on, his fingers clutching Brad's massive upper abs and then the tits.

Pure, unadulterated heaven.


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