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Through the rest of December Movimus is offering gift cards (actually coupon codes) applicable to the purchase of wrestling match downloads. For $40 you get a card worth $50, for $75 you get a card worth $100, and for $150 you get a card worth $200! The codes are good for all future purchases at Movimus, including the company's latest match, Case "CT" Thornton versus Duke Russo, recently reviewed on this blog.

I also recommend a bestseller from this past September (screen caps above) that may have escaped your attention,  Nero Angelo, 5'7", 168#, versus Tito Marones, 5'11", 188#. This is each wrestler's fourth match at Movimus. Both wrestlers debuted against Dave Markus, so we can consider them well broken in to the Movimus ethos. Nero is a scrappy wrestler, whose lean muscle should not be underestimated. Tattooed Tito is a visual masterpiece, sensuously spectacular, and an aggressive fighter who hates to lose.

In this three-fall contest, Tito maximizes his height, weight, and muscle advantage by binding Nero in a constant string of headlocks and body scissors. Through it all, however, Nero stays in constant churning motion, making the Venezuelan Adonis work to keep him in one place. About midway through the match, Tito realizes that, despite the appearance of dominance, he is actually losing steam; Nero is wearing the big guy down. Minutes later, the die is cast as Nero submits Tito for the first fall of the contest.

Tito paces and curses (in Spanish), directing his fury and frustration at Nero and to anybody else in hearing range (who understands Spanish). He's obviously humiliated that the smaller guy got the best of him. He has two more shots at proving his superiority, so he comes back at Nero with lightning speed, redoubling his attacks on the smaller wrestler. But Nero is not an easy opponent to slice through, and the aggressive Tito is forced to slow down and battle his opponent in a taxing but rapidly intensifying struggle on the mat.

It's a fine match, full of twists, and it bodes well for the company's future. The Latino influence is strongly evident at Movimus these days, infusing the company with new flash and sizzle, all caught in super-saturated HD videography. While culling the best submission wrestlers out of a growing population of hopefuls, Movimus also presents the diversity and inclusiveness of the Americas and throws a spotlight on the liveliness and magnetism of the twenty-first century.  Even if you have no interest in wrestling (and fell upon this blog purely by accident), you must at least appreciate the voluptuous jiggle of Tito's ass. ¡Ay papi!


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