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Early this morning, James, a new visitor to this blog, contacted me about a wrestler he thinks you and I need to know about: Bryen Douglas, 5'10", 180#. Bryen's young, full of himself, equally adept as heel or hero, and rated sixth at NWA-Midwest, based in Ohio. I watched a couple of YouTube matches featuring Bryen go toe to toe with Owen Travers (the youngster's second and third turns against the heavier, more experienced wrestler), and I like what I see. Very promising ring work, and a hot, aggressive stud I want to see more of.

But James knows more of Bryen's story than I do, so here's what he has to say:
He started working as a referee at the age of 17, then started wrestling as soon as he turned 18. For his first 18 months as a wrestler, he was a babyface. He even tagged with another dude named Jesse McCoy for a while and they won a tag team championship for a little bit. ... Bryen desert[ed] Jesse in a match, thus turning heel. Bryen has worked as a heel for a year now, and is just now going back to babyface again. A friend of his named Anthony Fosnaugh, who had been announcing for the same company, recently quit announcing and started managing a couple of different wrestlers, Bryen being one of them. So there in a nutshell is Bryen's career thus far (he's still only 20 years old). Bryen has worked mainly for one promotion in Ohio from the time he started as a ref, so the storylines I just shared all have to do with that promotion. Bryen has dabbled in other promotions, where he has worked as both a babyface and heel, depending on the promotion, but he never got involved in any of the others consistently enough to really be in any major angles or feuds for them. On his Facebook page are pictures dating all the way back to when he was a ref.

A short-haired Bryen (right) with former partner Jesse McCoy (left)
Bryen vs Chris LeRusso
Bryen vs Dezmond Xavier
Bryen slugging it out with punk heel G-Raver
Bryen vs Jonathan Hampton
Bryen vs Owen Travers

Bryen on Facebook here. Bryen on YouTube here.


For some reason I can't comment on my own blog. Hm. Anyway, James sent me this link to video of Bryen's very first on-camera match, in which he sings "Happy Birthday" to a young fan and then leaps into the ring with Malice. I hope the little birthday girl enjoyed seeing Bryen getting his ass kicked.


  1. I always assume you know about every wrestler. Oh well. The Love Gun Jesse has put on a bit of a belly:

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