Angelico Contra Mundo

Angelico vs Johnny Mundo, Lucha Underground

In a Lucha Underground match from last April, two stunning specimens of male pulchritude square off in the ring: Angelico, 6'3", 190#, the prettier of the two, and Mundo, 6', 215#, the more experienced. It's impossible for me to pick sides on this one, always one to be blinded by beauty and brawn. Weight and know-how tip the scales Johnny-ward. Angelico's swimmer's build may not be a match for the body of an Apollo.

But Angelico's speed at dodging Mundo's punches and his use of his whole body to batter the opponent to the ropes suggest the South African may have what it takes to hold up his end of a give-and-take fight. He's not the delicate creature I took him for, and the contest shapes up as a fairly engrossing brawl. Typical of lucha libre, the action consists mostly of choreographed BJJ kicks and the sort of high-flying shit that often leaves me cold, no prolonged holds whatsoever. Mercurial speed over clumsy, grinding grappling. Beautiful, but not my preference. Still, the sweat and the intensity of the strong-style chops are thrilling as they accumulate and accelerate, especially as executed by strong beautiful men, and by midpoint I am totally into the drama and percussion of the struggle.


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