Condron vs Angelosetti in 54 Seconds

Kevin Condron vs Mark Angelosetti, Chikara

Last month Kevin Condron (5'11", 194#) changed his ring persona (yet again*) to Snowflake--mascara, flowers in his hair, breathy voice, fluid wrist moves, and all (see the sexy-creepy promo here). I have not yet witnessed the new gimmick in a match, but I am open-minded and a little turned-on. However, I did see a fight from October when he was still "Killer" Kevin going up against "Mr. Touchdown" Angelosetti (5'10", 207#).

Kevin deliberately pisses the more experienced Mark off, telling him what to do and what not to do in the ring and heelsplaining the rules of pro wrestling. Taking the bait, the quarterback lights into him even before the bell sounds and gives the loudmouth troublemaker a sound licking. As soon as Kevin gets Mark out of the ring, things change. The dark-haired rebel proves that he doesn't give a damn about the rules, except how to twist them to his advantage.

I like Condron's style. He's tough, and he likes to rub the hurt in deep. Angelosetti is going to make damn sure the Killer takes some bruises home with him, but Condron commands the ring from start to finish, utilizing Mr. Touchdown's hot temper, pride, and weight to his own ends.

* Condron's previous gimmick was the masked Kid Cyclone, a good guy who went bad (and, more shockingly, self-unmasked) when he determined to declare war against Chikara after the company "whitewashed" (his word) the demolition of his brother Chikara trainees. Mizfan on Lords of Pain Forums ponders the real significance of Condron's character arc at Chikara:
First of all, though he may be manipulative, defiant, arrogant, and even cruel… he’s kind of right. Not about everything, but the fact remains that one night Eddie Kingston helped the Flood kill off two rookies at the very start of their careers, and the very next night he was accepted back into the fold without any real hesitation. Granted, Kingston is a longtime institution of CHIKARA and the fans are always eager to cheer the man, but his actions in this case were totally selfish, as he joined the Flood solely so that they would help him regain the CHIKARA Grand Championship. It was a truly reprehensible action, but did he ever suffer any consequences? Apart from the acts of Condron himself, it was never even really addressed. So, is Condron right about CHIKARA relying on tradition and a family friendly image to cover up the darker side of the company? It’s not by any means an unfounded accusation.
Another footnote, I must add that I'm moved yet mystified by Condron's own explanation of the Snowflake character (on his often lyrical Tumblr blog):
snowflake is the orphan who was never adopted. snowflake is the boy who taught himself to be a man. snowflake is what happens when there is no batman to save robin.


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