I hard Jonny Firestorm. He's possibly the most ingenious and confident heel in all underground wrestling, and it's his skill in bending, twisting, and crushing opponents--even more than his rough-boy-next-door looks or hairy forearms, thighs, and calves--that long ago turned me into a fan.

The thought that on his independent site it's possible to book a private match with the man himself--in a ring or on a mat at BG East, or in the romper room at your place--sends shivers up my spine. Thank you, my imagination!  (You can also order custom videos if you don't feel like gearing up just to get your butt kicked.)

The photos of Jonny beating up the hapless yet flawless Kip Sorell recently appeared on Firestorm's blog, previewing a match that will be available exclusively to Club Firestorm members in February.


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