Fox vs Gordon

Unless you have something against two hot-bodied wrestlers putting some dents on each other, you should check out Beyond Wrestling's "Secret Show" from July 2015 (available free on YouTube here). AR Fox tackles newcomer Travis "Air" Gordon, and the fight, though not to my exact specifications for greasy body contact and exquisitely detailed cruelty *, is really something to see.

I had the pleasure of catching Fox in action live back in 2012. Astounding ring performer. Dizzying. Gordon is new to me this year, having entered pro wrestling (by way of military, gymnastics, and MMA) only last year. What I have seen of him here and (less so) in another Beyond Wrestling match (a chaotic six-man brawl), this rookie is the shit. Both wrestlers belong to the "comic acrobatic" school of professional wrestling, not exactly my  genre of choice**, but the eye candy and exuberance are irresistible, and as the fight wears on, the "bubble gum pop" veers towards "death metal."

The last half is brilliant.

* The match has both (see the sixth and final screen shot above, and the last three GIFs below), but I want A LOT.
** I object to the needless expenditure of energy that might be better exerted in subduing and tormenting an opponent. I have the same complaint about mic work.


  1. Hi Joe, This really is a hell of a match and I think its great you gave it a feature!

    AR Fox is no slouch but Travis "Air" Gordon is an incredible find. It’s like he was blessed with all of the most remarkable genes and then that was doubled.

    I watched this match a few months ago and could watch it every few weeks and glean new insights into both men and their moves. Your blog has been on fire over the last several weeks, its wonderful to be able to read you again!


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