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Frey looks like a zillion bucks. The opening shot of him on the couch makes my jaw drop. I've always thought he was gorgeous, but now he's even gorgeouser. Travis, his young trainee, is so cute I could gobble him up. But this is not a wrestling match. It's an instructional video and not a bad one, actually, if you're in the market for a primer on wrestling moves. Frey could be a terrific teacher once he's ready to make no money--and, seriously, I say that as a teacher who knows good teaching when he sees it. Frey is a natural, the right blend of patience, honest constructive criticism, gentle derision, and pecs. Whether Travis ever becomes a wrestler worthy of the Thunders Arena legacy is up to the fans to decide, but you can't say that Frey doesn't try his best to make something of him. Travis could try harder, but he loves the way the camera and fans love him unconditionally, and his heart is in his muscles, not in the fight. Mat Wars 65 is eye candy for miles, juicy thick-cut muscle you can sink your teeth into, but a wrestling match? Don't get your hopes up.


  1. A show of hands. Teacher, I am holding up more than two.


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