Let's See What You Got

My first time watching one of Thunders' ring matches: Bucky versus Talon in Ring Wars 13.  I'd say it's a cross between exactly what I expected and better than I expected. As expected, the emphasis is on muscle and playtime, just like the majority of the Arena's rec-room mat matches. I didn't expect heavy drama, and there was none. I expected good-natured one-upmanship and posing, and got both. The surprise was that the guys knew the moves. I expected horseplay and got real pro wrestling.

Chinlocks, hair pulling, fishhooks, rear naked chokes, corner stomp-downs, claw holds, working the ropes, and a Boston crab submission at the end. And it's a great give-and-take match with neither man being a sure bet as victor. Bucky and Talon are evenly matched opponents ... in build anyway ... more or less. Bodybuilding is Thunders' unofficial religion, so it's no surprise that the fight erupts over a question of which man has the better bod. The new guy Bucky comes with ring experience. Feeling territorial about the squared circle, he badgers Talon and shows off his pro expertise, punctuating a quick initial command of his opponent with a Ric Flair style Woo! Big surprise, though, Talon fights back so competently, with a penchant for fighting dirty, that Bucky tries to flee the ring. Only Talon won't let him.

Eventually Bucky turns the tide back to his favor, with a bang, but can he keep it up? Not for me to say. What fans need to know is these guys look like pro wrestlers and work like pro wrestlers, but in typical Thunders Arena style with a sly, knowing wink at the camera from time to time (figuratively speaking). The 18-minute match is light and fun, with old-school moves polished up and brought back to life in the company's house style of goofball hijinks. It's all designed to deflate bloated egos and wow easy marks like me. Business as usual at the Arena. Fine camerawork, too!


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