Marcocosm: 10 Reasons


The world belongs to Marco at Thunders Arena. It just doesn't know it yet. Marco may soon become the best underground wrestler anywhere, and here are a few reasons why:
  1. Marco is a workaholic nut-buster. At 5'8", 180#, he has squared off on the wrestling mat against guys as small as 5'7", 150# (Bolt) and as big as 6', 255# (Brian Cage)--and held his own against all comers. In the year (slightly more) he's been at the Arena, he has averaged 2.75 matches per month. He never walks away from a challenge. He lives for it.
  2. He's honest and approachable. He tells it like it is. Up front is how he likes to play things. No games, no duplicity, no masks--he exudes authenticity in every second of screen time. He's a natural.
  3. Marco knows how to wrestle, actually wrestle. But he is happy to play-act tussle and roughhouse for tits and giggles too.
  4. Speaking of tits, his pecs are impeccable. If Thunders Arena hasn't already insured those nipples at Lloyd's of London, the company really needs to get on the stick.
  5. Check out those arms and thighs too. In addition, Marco has a firm, bulgy core that would do Hercules proud.
  6. The kid has a temper, and he's willing to walk it to the mat. He begged for a match with Skyler on camera for reals because Skyler pulled a cheap shot on Frey and then bragged about it. The Arena won't sanction the contest unless Marco promises not to hurt the guy. (So far, no Marco-Skyler match, though Marco has wrestled nearly every other man on the roster.)
  7. Marco exudes natural, unaffected, and irony-free magnetism. Friends have told me that they get boners just thinking about Marco on the wrestling mat. And the good news keeps getting better: over the last year his gear has been getting tinier and tinier.
  8. He throws side eye like a diva. Check out the fifth screen grab above, where Marco sizes up Turbo in a split-second glance.
  9. In style and attitude Marco straddles the titillating divide between tough kid brother and rough trade.
  10. In just months, Marco acquired a reputation as a rock-solid performer like Z-Man, Big Sexy, and Dominic before him. Like them he has made bad wrestlers look good and great wrestlers look washed up. Call it charisma, fighting spirit, muscle, whatever, Marco's got it.
Screen grabs are from No Holds Barred 49 (top four), No Holds Barred 56 (middle four), and Mat Rats 64 (bottom four).


  1. Marco is a phenomenal talent in so many ways. Not to mention that, despite his huge catalogue of matches in just over a year, he seems severely underappreciated.

    People went gaga for Bolt, Jersey, and Eagle in 2015 (all beautifully hot guys) but Marco just keeps swimming taking down one stud after another after another after another.

    People can dispute it all they want, but besides Big Sexy, no one has ruled over TA as king like Marco has...and he does his thing with a massive amount of skill, style, and sexiness.

  2. No doubt that Marco is hot, he has a great body and his wrestling skills are tops. But Im not a fan of his. He has the personality of a stick...a boring stick. His banter is awkward, stiff and sometimes very cringe worthy....Big Sexy he aint!


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