Match 3 of BG East's Ring Hunks 3: Some Notes

Kelly King vs Rolf Fulton is the reason I wanted Ring Hunks 3. Fulton goes after King like a barracuda on a dolphin. Even before Kelly's entrance, Rolf is growling and shadow-wrestling in the ring, working up a sweat for his opponent's arrival. Kelly bounds in with his chest oiled and his fight face on. Neither needs any encouragement to get this party started.

The difference in weight and body types would concern me but for the fact that I've seen Fulton chew the hide clean off bigger wrestlers. When he wrestles, Rolf is boner bait for me. I'm a sucker for a guy who likes fighting this much. I'm less familiar with Kelly, but I do like what I see. Through multiple lockups the two feel their way around each other's body. It's like a first date, only with bared teeth.

Rolf takes the big guy down and traps him in a figure-four leglock, clutching the middle rope for added pressure till Kelly reverses the hold. Fulton regains the advantage and sits back, letting the leglock do all the work as King steeps in misery. When he releases, it's like King's leg muscles have turned into rubber bands. The big guy can't get to his feet. Instead, he crawls to the corner ropes.

Fulton drags him back by one leg. He decides to specialize in making King wish he didn't have legs at all, but he bends too low, and King flat out clocks him. He reels and lands against the ropes, hanging off the top one like laundry. Kelly proceeds to take out Rolf's left knee, chasing the frantic stringbean across the mat, stomping and twisting. Fulton uses his good right leg to push King away.

King comes right back after that left knee. Fulton slams his fist into King's gut and binds the man in another figure-four, this time with the added touch of biting his leg too. (Mean as a suitcase full of rattlesnakes, this kid! I might have a little crush on him.)

This is back-and-forth mayhem the way I like it. Each man concocts new ways to cause the other pain. King goes for the big moves; Fulton works piecemeal. The action is fast and merciless. The previous two matches on the disk have their strong points, but they are, to be frank, mostly cut-and-paste bits of business you've seen too many times before. Guys as good at wrestling as Rolf and Kelly are rare. They are in the moment and tirelessly inventive. Theirs is a top-notch fight. And it's not over till one guy clubs and chokes the other unconscious.


  1. I really enjoyed this match, too. I bought it for King, but Fulton was a nice surprise.

  2. Kelly King = Jesse Sorensen formerly of TNA until he had his neck broken in a match and TNA dumped him while he was recovering (scumbags) he works indies now and has wrestled two or three matches for wwe's NXT show.. his next appearance is on the March 16th NXT show.. look for him!


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