Movimus launches 2016 as Dave Markus and Nero Angelo hit the mat for a rematch: sweet news for fans of either wrestler. Markus is kicking himself after losing to Angelo in their first meet, and he's resolved to redeem himself in their second. For his part, Angelo welcomes the chance to have a second go at a guy who, it's safe to say, has been a wrestling god at Movimus for the past 18 months.

Nero (5'7", 163#, in turquoise trunks) starts off strong, but Dave (5'9", 172#, in orange) effectively counters his initial strike and contains the more compact wrestler for a good four or five minutes. Then Nero catches his second wind, and we get a vigorous struggle that erupts in fits and starts into blasts of energetic motion, favoring one man and then the other. Eight minutes into the contest and we get the first fall by submission.

For the remaining 12 minutes, the match is even more aggressive, but produces no more falls. Angelo continues his aggressive attacks, at one point slamming Markus hard on his back, Nero's own weight piled on top. Dave grunts at the shock of impact, but the fight continues unabated. Angelo's squarely built body poses a challenge for long-limbed Markus, but he wraps his opponent in an anaconda-like body clench, his thigh muscles rippling as he tightens the grip. However, with great effort and eventual success Nero muscles free of Dave's grasp. Both wrestlers rise to their feet and square off again. They are sweaty and fatigued now, but determined to see this battle through to a decisive finish. Ultimately, though, the first (and only) fall determines the winner.

The rematch is exciting stuff. The two wrestlers know each other better this time around and adjust their strategies accordingly. Markus has speed and agility. Angelo has brute strength. Markus sets out to exhaust his opponent. Angelo aims to clip Markus's wings.

There's no reason to believe this feud will be over anytime soon.


  1. big fan of nero on ncw. look forward to checking out movimus!

  2. This sounds better than the first meeting, which I reviewed. I liked it, but it did feel like Markus was just a practice dummy for much of it. Movimus said he sustained an injury, which made sense after viewing it.

    1. i can't locate
      the first meeting but this match is action packed. i've only seen angelo on ncw but he excels against markus.

  3. this match delivered! i really enjoyed it because the action was more realistic. i enjoy a more realistic match with less choreography. this also fulfilled my tarzan vs coy banton fantasy. markus' with his dark looks and sinewy muscled physique vs the brutish like na (lol). great match!


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