Star vs Hammer

A couple of weeks ago I wrote of UCW recruit Kenny Star, "It may take some time before he develops the crust it takes to survive here--and, hopefully, rise to the top." Apparently, it took no time at all. In his third and latest match [#448], Kenny turns a friendly sparring session into an assault and battery charge inside of four minutes. When the punches come too hard and too fast, with neither man prevailing, these two turn to grappling, and once he drops Tyson Hammer, Kenny spreads the guy's knees and uses his grapes as a punching bag. (Ow!) And if that's not evil enough, Kenny flashes his boy-next-door smile as Tyson writhes in agony. "We're just gettin' to know each other," he quips while bludgeoning Tyson's head into the mat. Who knew Star could be such a prick!

But somebody should have warned the popular newby that however easygoing Tyson may seem at first, you rattle his cage and he will bite! (Ask Derrick Cole.) In match after match Tyson has made it (painfully) clear that he is nobody's whipping boy. He can dish the mayhem out as stiff and mean as you like. You want to go for the balls? He will show you what going for the balls is all about. And when the Hammer strikes, win or lose, you will be walking funny for weeks. "I don't think you're all you're cracked up to be," Star taunts him at one point, which  means Star is either clueless or determined to test his mettle against an opponent at his ferocious best.

The fight-space rumbles and roars when Kenny and Tyson slug it out. When they're on the mat, trash talk, groans, and heavy breathing dominate the soundtrack. UCW's concrete cage appears to inspire these usually unassuming guys to turn into steel-hearted killers. The match gets slippery and intense as the two hot bodies take turns on the receiving end of crippling and ego-busting trademark holds, and in the end the blows keep coming even after one of them is out cold. (Damn, that is cold!) Any sensible fight fan will be hard as a pistol by the end of this nutbuster!



    Nice eye poke there. Where can I see the match?


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