Perry vs Omen

Ace Perry vs Jake Omen, Secret Wars (Paradox Wrestling)

In this "secret" match from last August, in gorgeous natural light, the Indianapolis babyface Ace Perry (5'9", 187#) shines against Jake Omen (6'1", 224#). The good-looking kid shows a fine instinct (for his age and high-flying super-kicking tendencies)  for putting his heart into suffering and, given the opportunity, working an opponent slowly and attentively. He also holds his own in a toe-to-toe punching contest. I see him mostly in matches for Ohio-based Rockstar Pro Wrestling. A couple of years ago, not long after his pro debut, Ace got some deservedly good press for asking an autistic fan to her prom. I'm a sucker for a nice guy with a solid build who enjoys playing rough.


  1. Thanks for these last two matches. Ace Perry is adorable and the contrast between him and his opponents is awesome.

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