Ravell vs Tyler

Bart Tyler vs Peter Ravell, Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 12 (Can-Am)

I came to this 1997 beauty late. Had it not been for my wrestling fantasy pal g b, I might have never come upon it at all. (Did I say that right?) Last month g b introduced me to Ravell, who arrived at Can-Am about the same time I temporarily stopped shopping at Can-Am (back in the VHS days). I hadn't heard of him, but I was intrigued by his face and build. A quick search brought me to this match, in which Peter wrestles an obsession of mine, Bart Tyler. Bart always did the trick for me, so this match seemed like a safe bet. Both men seem to be having a great time tormenting each other in this highly addictive singles match. (They had crossed paths before in Skip Roberts & Bart Tyler Vs. Andy Robert & Peter Ravell.) Ideally matched in size, build, and aggressiveness, Ravell and Tyler are sex grenades as opponents, without foregrounding the match's homoeroticism in the manner of, say, Naked Kombat. 


  1. I've loved Ravell and Tyler since the late 90's...they were in some of the first erotic underground wrestling matches I ever saw...and even now...I still go back to the matches with Ravell and Tyler more than just about any other. They were both beautiful men and I wish they had done many more than they did.

    As a side note, I've always wondered what they look like now so many years later...probably balding and fat...sadly...


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