Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ravell vs Tyler

Bart Tyler vs Peter Ravell, Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 12 (Can-Am)

I came to this 1997 beauty late. Had it not been for my wrestling fantasy pal g b, I might have never come upon it at all. (Did I say that right?) Last month g b introduced me to Ravell, who arrived at Can-Am about the same time I temporarily stopped shopping at Can-Am (back in the VHS days). I hadn't heard of him, but I was intrigued by his face and build. A quick search brought me to this match, in which Peter wrestles an obsession of mine, Bart Tyler. Bart always did the trick for me, so this match seemed like a safe bet. Both men seem to be having a great time tormenting each other in this highly addictive singles match. (They had crossed paths before in Skip Roberts & Bart Tyler Vs. Andy Robert & Peter Ravell.) Ideally matched in size, build, and aggressiveness, Ravell and Tyler are sex grenades as opponents, without foregrounding the match's homoeroticism in the manner of, say, Naked Kombat. 

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  1. I've loved Ravell and Tyler since the late 90's...they were in some of the first erotic underground wrestling matches I ever saw...and even now...I still go back to the matches with Ravell and Tyler more than just about any other. They were both beautiful men and I wish they had done many more than they did.

    As a side note, I've always wondered what they look like now so many years later...probably balding and fat...sadly...



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