Rock Hard Chokes: A Top Forty List

Chokes are inherently dramatic--they are conflict, character, and crisis rolled into one. They are arguably what every other wrestling hold aspires to. Few acts of aggression are this intimate. Sexier than punching or kicking,  strangulation requires prolonged body contact, even when a garrote is used. Knocking out an opponent through the incremental application of pressure is dominance taken to the edge.

These are my favorite shots of choke holds at the Rock Hard Wrestling web site, most of which feature my favorite RHW stars, past and present. If you ask me why I take on such a project, you clearly have no idea what I'm about.

Alex Waters vs Zack Johnathan

Austin Cooper vs Josh Steel

Cliff Johnson vs Gunner Bayani

Ethan Andrews vs Josh Steel

Ethan Andrews vs Tyler Reeves

Will Stanley vs Ethan Andrews

Jake Jenkins vs Trent Novak

Jax Brewer vs Rex Bedford

Tyler Reeves vs Max Powers

Ethan Andrews vs Zack Johnathan

Zack Johnathan vs Logan Matthews

Alex Waters vs Josh Steel

Zack Johnathan vs Jake Jenkins

Alex Waters vs Tyson Matthews

Chad Daniels vs Austin Cooper

Austin Cooper vs Lucas Payne

Zack Johnathan vs Austin Cooper

Brian Baker vs Austin Cooper

Alex Waters vs Brodie Fisher

Brody Hancock vs Tyler Reeves

Brody Hancock vs Cody Nelson

Gage Cardona vs Colt Stevens
Dash Decker vs Blake Keller

Dash Decker vs Gage Cardona

Dash Decker vs Josh Steel

Alex Waters vs Ethan Andrews

Ethan Andrews vs Matt Engel

Tyler Reeves vs Jeff Hollister

Nick Collins vs Gunner Bayani

Tyler Reeves vs Travis Storm

Trent Novak vs Austin Cooper

Ethan Andrews vs Brody Hancock

Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper

Bruce Ballard vs Tanner Hill

Zack Johnathan vs Bruce Ballard

Eli Black vs Jason Kane

Ethan Andrews vs Jax Brewer
Rex Bedford vs Tanner Hill

Chris Cox vs Tyler Reeves

Zack Johnathan vs Troy Nelson


  1. Oh beautiful Brit Will Stanley...why did you have to leave RHW??!!

  2. I'm more of a camel clutch guy, but I do love a good choke! The visual I love is when the guy getting choked struggles to pry the other guy's hands off his own throat.....very nice!

    By the way, why hasnt RockHard posted any new matches? Does anyone know? Don't mind the spotlight on the classics, but where is the new stuff?


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