"Simpson Slides Nicely Up and In"

Steve Simpson vs Bob Bradley, early 1987 (WCCW)

Camera time spent on showing "exciting" Steve Simpson disrobing is time well spent, in my opinion. There isn't a whole lot to the rest of this quickie match pitting Steve against Bradley ("in the kitty-cat trunks"). Apparently its main function is to fill in program time after an unexpectedly short match in which Mike Von Erich beat Brian Adias in five seconds ("Sometimes in five seconds you can get off [break in the audio]"). Enjoy the housemade artisanal GIFs above and below, including an ice-cold cock slam (fourth one down), but the real joys here are in the ringside commentator's unintentional double-entendres (to my prurient ears, at least), eroticizing Steve's win over Bob, in which "Simpson comes exploding back"  and "slides nicely up and in," "quietly, quickly, and efficiently done on Bob 'The Cat' Bradley."

I know, I know. I have a dirty mind. Filthy.


  1. hey Joe, I actually do remember watching this video on tv back in the day … I was quite interested in Bob Bradley at the time! Thanks for posting this one... Ray

  2. You're welcome, Ray. Matches are better when both wrestlers are "interesting."


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