Tarzan Boy 2002

Somewhere between 27:00 and 28:00 here on YouTube you'll find this CMLL match, censored from the original broadcast in 2002. It's announced as a hair match between Tarzan Boy (28 at the time, 5'10", 205#) and seasoned veteran Negro Casas (42, 5'7", 174#). The main event starts with a bang as Tarzan struts to the ring with armloads of babes, generating all kinds of heat with the fans, and ends, 11 or 12 minutes later, with an upset fan with a sleeveless T and boundary issues storming the squared circle to manhandle the sexy heel mano a mano. Tarzan ably defends himself, and security escorts the worked-up fan from the building. (Kudos to the ref, too. I mean it.) Segunda Caida drew my attention to this interrupted event earlier this week. So which is hotter? The swaggering entrance? Or the real fight?

Here is an excerpt from Matt D's take on Tarzan Boy in Monday's post on Segunda Caida. The entrance defines suavo excess, while the impromptu fight lets everybody know you don't mess with Tarzan Boy.
I have a soft spot for Tarzan Boy [...] He's like the world's best, smarmiest Paul Roma, but you know, in a good way. He's absolutely insufferable here, coming out to Simply Irresistible with four girls, tights with 69 on them, and lipstick kisses all over his body. There's a great camera shot early on of Casas entering the ring with Tarzan Boy in the foreground, standing on the second rope posing, partially obscuring the entrance. Later on, he wouldn't stop posing and grinding even as the ref was trying to give him instructions.


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