Wrestling Videos I Watch Over and Over and Over (Part 12)

Rusty Stevens vs Tommy Defendi, The Oil Match November 18, 2009 (Naked Kombat)

For me Stevens vs Defendi is the defining moment of Naked Kombat. It is sexy, aggressive, funny, and sporting, a miraculous combination because so rarely achieved. It is also the defining moment of both wrestlers, porn stars turned gladiators at the peak of their careers Rusty deserves most of the credit, due to his easy way with a put-down and his skills as wrestler and master. In a prologue, Rusty boasts that he has prepared for his match with Tommy by eating junk food and skipping workouts because Defendi is such a "pushover." His flip wiseguy bearing should clash with his role as dominator, a performance usually demanding an assiduous absence of wit, but he somehow manages to bridge the chasm between stand-up and sadomasochism through sheer meanness and overweening arrogance. He promises to ride his opponent "like a pony" and apply the "usual fishhooks." The tone says it all. His planned demolition of Tommy will not only be painful and humiliating but pithy and offhand as well. And it is.

Jason Adonis vs Marc Stone, Mat Attack (Can-Am)

My first blog post on this match in the spring of 2011 remained among the top five most visited posts for nine months after its initial publication. I shouldn't have been surprised. The well-named Adonis is not only one of the reigning gods of gay porn but also one of the most magnetic wrestlers to appear at Can-Am. In this 2002 release, the only one of his challengers to come close to outshining him is 5-foot-5 Marc, whose tenacity and wrestling know-how are a match for Jason's muscle, aggression, and arrogant beauty. The video opens with the two changing out of street clothes into gear in the locker room. Jason tells Marc he "fucked up" in taking him on, an opponent twice his size. "You just don't know what all you're in for," Marc shoots back. In fact, Marc gains the first takedown just seconds after the contest begins and goes immediately for a choking headlock. The two rip and strip with Marc tending to dominate. In just ten minutes, he's making the muscle god suck his cock. In the second round, however, Jason is all over the "mighty midget," showing he's got the moves, speed, and agility to match Stone's. In the nine-minute final round, the two wrestle buck naked--loser getting ass-fucked, slow, steady, and hard.

Mike Martin vs Ty Garrison, X-Fights UK 7 (BG East)

BG East's UK matches are noticeably different than their stateside counterparts. It's more than just the smart accents and rosy-red cheeks. American wrestlers are about muscle mass, verbal abuse, and verve. British wrestlers bring style and physics to the sport. Yanks are more bang-bang-bang and boom! Brits are more likely to quietly drive a shiv into your eye. (Ask poor Kit Marlowe!) But I'm speaking metaphorically. If underground wrestlers in the UK are more reserved in manner, they are also more matter of fact in their sexuality and aggression. Mike Martin is one of my all-time favorite BG East wrestlers on either side of the Atlantic. His boy-next-door (or lad-down-the-lane) good looks and patient and precise (and intimate) way of turning an opponent into his bitch closely match my own aphrodisiac idea of what erotic wrestling should be. He and Ty together reenact the sort of power struggle that I imagine underlay the practice of fagging in Edwardian boarding schools. I don't mean that they are overrefined or effete. It's more like they project a matter-of-fact sense of entitlement to conquer and subjugate any body they can get on top of and ride.


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