Ace Perry was flavor of the month of February on this blog. I can't decide whether I see him more as a roughneck version of Zac Efron or a sunnier version of Bobby Roode. Maybe he's incomparable. All I know is he's a wrestler who's fun to watch. His YouTube videos have been in near-constant rotation at my house.

Ace Perry vs "The Iron Demon" Shane Mercer, November Pain (IWA Mid South Wrestling) 11-20-2014

Ace takes on strongman Shane, under the watchful eye of Jimmy Jacobs, glowering at the back of the crowd. If the bodybuilder expects Ace to kowtow to his big muscles, he's got a surprise in store. Ace bows down to nobody. Ace takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin' like a Timex, with a resilience that reminds me of the Stretch Armstrong dolls of the '80s. Apart from one lone voice chanting "Ace Per-ry" plaintively, the crowd is with Mercer, and it is Mercer who gets the win about nine minutes into the video. (Mercer looks like he may need a month dedicated to him, too, by the way.) As if we couldn't see this coming, Jacobs then approaches the ring. After singing Shane's praises, he turns his attention to Ace, still writhing on the mat, and tells him what a waste of time he's been. The upshot is Ace pleads for one more chance, and Jimmy gives it to him--it's a match a week later versus (you guessed it) Jimmy Jacobs.

Hakim Zane vs Ace Perry, White River Wrestling IV (White River Wrestling) 7-11-2015

This is his first of three (so far) matches against Hakim "The Mad Dragon." The crowd is obnoxious (note the gay-panic chant of "Faggot! Faggot!" at the end), but Hakim and Ace have palpable chemistry, evident in the meticulous way they work each other over in this contest. Ace has certainly mastered the art of the sexy entrance--the baby-blue hoodie stripped off with studied offhandedness, the tight bounce that highlights his finer physical qualities. Hakim conscientiously makes the younger wrestler look good, not a difficult task, but one he takes on in a generous spirit, selling the kid's winsome vulnerability no less than his strength and panache. Both seem to revel in super kicks and airborne hurricanranas. Happily, for me, they also take time for  slow grinding locks and joint-snapping arm bars.

Ace Perry vs Cole Radrick, Emerge9 Sacrifice (Emerge Wrestling) 10-4-2015

Ace is now dubbed "Diamond Cut" Ace Perry, and the crowd adores him. He goes up against bad-ass troublemaker "The Cure" Cole Radrick (in singlet). This match promises to be as sweet a confrontation as an after-school fight between the senior quarterback and the neighborhood bully, maybe even sweeter. However, this bully (Cole) may not be so easily taken down as we might hope. After Cole nearly busts Ace's collarbone against the ring apron, our quarterback looks vulnerable, and ref and fans have serious concerns about his ability to reenter the contest. Ace returns to the ring, where the abuse continues. Anybody with an itch to watch Ace take some punishment, tune in. Cole goes overboard, needlessly cruel to the point that you can't stand the thought of this asshole getting away with it.  But can Ace rouse up and deal out the deluxe-with-all-the-trimmings ass-kicking Cole is practically begging for?


  1. I stinkin love this kid! He's going places.


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