Dirty Fighter

UK Kid vs Nathan Mackenzie, 29 January 2016 (Wrestling Stars)

UK Kid is the wrestler trying to shush the disapproving fans up. Nathan, with the long hair and tattoos, tries to get them on his side, and they are. The initial collar and elbow defines the two men. Aggressive Nathan muscles the Kid backwards into the turnbuckle. Instinctively, UK Kid resorts to an unmanly hair clutch. Nathan makes a clean break, and the cowardly heel flees the ring, hectoring the fans at ringside. A second lockup reverses the situation, but the Kid is slow to break from his frenzied clubbing of Mackenzie against the ropes. The break at last made, Nathan comes at the Kid all pistons firing, and again the heel jumps out of the ring. UK Kid repeatedly takes the easy way, going for cheap hair pulls and closed-fist punches, raking his taped wrist across his opponent's eyes, and evading Mackenzie's attempts to wrestle him man to man. One can only hope that manliness and fair play win out, and in the end the UK Kid gets his just deserts.


  1. What's unmanly about closed-fist punching?

  2. Unmanly because in professional wrestling closed-fist punching is, like hair pulling and eye scratching, technically cheating.

  3. It's telling that Diesel would ask that question. Nowadays such tactics are so common and near universal that they seem unworthy of a mention.

    In the "olden days" fans almost always reacted negatively to anyone that used them.


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