Eagle vs Profiteer, Battlespace 86 (Thunders Arena)

The full thirteen minutes of this short video is a hard-on, but especially the first three. The opening minutes of the actual wrestling captures the easy, unadorned joy of two real-life friends grappling, teasing, basking in each other's closeness in spirit and flesh. Perhaps it is too much to ask for the whole video to be like this. There is more of it, though, sprinkled through the rest, when what we're looking at becomes mainly theater, with setups that seem invented to satisfy us paying customers. It's not bad, the rest of it, but the first three unaffected minutes is magic.

Eagle and Profiteer are close. Their comfort level with each other belongs to a different category than the guarded feeling-out that transpires between most hired opponents. There is trust here and a bond. Eagle, of course, looks fantastic. Profiteer is new, and he's a revelation. I'm immediately smitten. It's sort of obvious that these two see themselves in each other. There's chemistry. This chemistry and the pure frolic of the opening minutes would charm me even if the wrestlers were not beautiful--but, God, are they beautiful!


  1. Holy chemistry. Muscle godly magic. Thanks Joe for the Monday morning hard on. Jason


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