Macho Gazebo

"The name is an 18th-century joke word combining 'gaze' 
with the Latin suffix ebo, meaning 'I shall.'”
 Encyclopædia Britannica

Chace LaChance vs Kirk Donahue, Gazebo Grapplers 18 (BG East)
Along with photos, Jerry left a terse message in my private email: "BGE, Vol. 112., Gazebo Grapplers 18.  God, I love that man!  His Album is up to 183 Images." It was like a message in a bottle or a note on scented stationery slid under my office door after midnight. "That man" was Chace LaChance, and the photos were from his recent match versus Kirk Donahue in BG East's gazebo. Jerry seemed to be gasping his last words, but in reality I think his breathlessness was due to other factors.

Chace is one hot customer, bulgy in the right places, bearded like a '60s Hercules. He can be offhandedly witty and menacing at the same time. Like Jerry, I am in love. Hollywood needs LaChance for a superhero ... or villain. Of course, he is already a star. I don't have the figures, but my guess is he's one of the top ten moneymakers at BGE. Kirk is a wide-eyed hopeful, wagering that a victory against this strongman will make his rep with wrestling fans. Just stepping on the mat against Chace enlarges Kirk's blip on the worldwide gaydar. 

Chace wears dangerously pink trunks, and he disses his opponent's physique: "You don't really look too fit. I guess I can try and take it easy on you." His arrogance, especially with the thin veneer of niceness, signals "heel." "Muscles aren't everything," says an out-of-his-depth Kirk, the cliche comeback of every small guy. The two lock arms, muscles writhing as they strain man to man. Then, to nobody's surprise, Chace gets the first takedown.

A schoolboy pin, a few pulled punches, followed with a body scissors, Chace is practically auditioning for his next role in my fantasies. Kirk reverses, gaining a single-leg crab hold and pushing the muscleman's head to the railing. Kirk demands a submission, just over-confident enough to enrage Chace, who tosses him off like a baseball cap. "It looks like muscles is taking over again," Chace smirks as he locks his opponent in a full nelson. A minute later, though, Kirk has him paralyzed in a figure-four leglock.

The give and take seems mostly due to Chace's lackadaisical approach to competition. Kirk gains control whenever LaChance decides to slack off, more out of jadedness than exhaustion, it would seem. It's obvious that Chace has the strength and know-how to squash his challenger like a bug. In seconds. Kirk no sooner asks Chace to give up than the big guy powers out of whatever hold he's caught in.

Chace's remarkable physical transformation over the past six years is matched by his ease and confidence acquired over the same period of time. He used to look awkwardly self-conscious on camera. Now he moves with a quarterback's grace, sure of his technique and allure. No doubt part of the change stems from his magnificent physique and part from his accrued experience in front of cameras. Undoubtedly, too, it derives from wrestling itself, years of testing himself against other bodies, getting to know his own body better, and experiencing the praise of fans and the heady rush of conquests. 

Kirk shows enormous promise. His coconut complexion and Tintin haircut may not indicate much in the way of toughness, but the newcomer has the grit and tenacity of a badger in this, his third released fight. He keeps bounding back, and each reversal brings him closer to domination over the haughty muscle god. Without a doubt he's got a taste for control. Experience may teach him to acquire a taste for punishment and humiliation too. Right now, he probably thinks his occasional spots of mastery are enough, that simply checking LaChance's overwhelming muscle mass should count as a win. But Chace is giving him a fast-track education in the dog-eat-dog world of BG East.

The chokeout finish is hot, no two ways about it. Even better is the slow and lush ten-count, million-calorie eye candy flooding the screen, the body heat radiating almost palpably. The last things we see are tight shots of LaChance's butt and Donahue's crotch. Peace and order now restored, the white gazebo returns to its springtime tranquility.


  1. Good article!

    Chace is one of my absolute favorite BGE wrstlters. There are actually now 186 a Images in his Album.

    I have a list of 11 DVDs of that I intend to eventually purchase from BGE, 5 of the feature a LaChance match. I have a separate Album of a Images from those videos. Of the 116 Images 43 are of Chace.

    Thanks Joe, for the tip of the hat!


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