Max vs Malik

Max Ryder vs Malik, #459 (UCW)

Max and Malik don't have much to say to each other, but they sure make some noise. Max especially does some butt-drumming that fills the fight space, accenting the heavy pounding he deals his opponent right off the bat.

This is Max's seventh appearance at the company (his fifth singles competition). Malik has had eight previous matches. Both are great in this match, lending the UCW brand some fresh new attitude. The fight nevertheless maintains the company's penchant for gut punching, spine snapping, and nipple tweaking (and biting!), which the wrestlers spin in their unique ways.

Max is part of the new wave of meaty muscle at UCW (a match against Derrick Cole is soon in the works, I truly hope). Malik gives the big guy a hard working over, and the give and take are fairly evenly divided. It's difficult to say how much weight Malik is giving up to Ryder, but his mat savvy serves him well, whereas Max benefits from his brute strength and instinctual meanness (good boy).

There's plenty of boner material here, enough to satisfy the most discriminating UCW fan. Lithe Malik strikes like lightning but has a velvet touch that keeps things sexy. Max is a powerhouse, still a bit too camera-conscious, but his imperturbable attention to the business of demolition is smoking hot. These journeymen are not yet big names at the company, but this battle proves that the potential is definitely there.


  1. Hate to disagree - but their is ZERO boner material here. By far, this is the tamest that either been during their time with UCW and can someone PLEASE tell the guys to stop looking over off camera to see what to do next. That makes it look more amateurish than it already is.


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