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Nero Angelo vs Victor, #458 (UCW)

Nero is revving up the gay at UCW. Two weeks ago he suited up in a sexy ref outfit to fondle the fondle-magnetic Kenny Star (and Nero was not even the ref in that match.) This week he snaps still shots of boyish Victor as he stretches pre-match, making leering comments about young Victor's "pouty" good looks and bulgy trunks, not the kind of talk you're likely to hear from Axel or Aron. Victor looks uncomfortable, very deer-in-the-headlights, while Nero licks his lips and muses over eating him up for a snack. Angelo may be gently poking fun at pervy fans like me. He is a surrogate for the dirty-minded, touching what we want to touch, saying what we want to say, using the wrestling match to literally stick it to the opponent. I can take the joke mostly because it's fun to watch a wrestler calculatedly acting out my kinks.

This is Victor's eighth match for UCW. He's run the usual gauntlet of gatekeepers Axel and Quinn Harper, more recently entertaining guest wrestlers like LS Powerhouse and Skip Vance, a sign of the company's confidence in his mat skills. He knows the ropes, but there's still something of the novice in his self-consciousness and sensitive, barely articulate demeanor. His shaggy hair and pale skin confirm his twink status. He looks like he's fourteen. Barely. The fact that he wears his skimpy blue trunks as if somebody had forced  him to at gunpoint contributes to the impression that he's jailbait. He's here to wrestle, but as the match warms up he gives as good as he takes, looking somewhat more comfortable as the object of somebody's lust, even playing it up a bit, I thought, as the lights-out finish draws near. By the end, I have begun to doubt the kid is as wet behind the ears and innocent as he at first appears. As we are directly told at the end of this match, this is not porn, but it teases the idea more boldly than we have seen in UCW's previous releases.


  1. I LOVE Nero Angelo. Great bona fide wrestler, great body. But what I really love is that he accomplishes the rare feat of being both very gay and very masculine all at once. In reality, I know a lot of guys that do that; but they are under-represented in media in general, including underground wrestling videos. He needs to wrestle through roster, including a rematch with Eli.

    1. agree! all the components of a good wrestler/ performer. a rematch with eli would be awesome. would like to see him against axel again.

  2. this match was over the top! i enjoy both his movimus matches showcasing his wrestling skills and power but also his showmanship on ucw. nero is about ready to challenge axel for the belt. nero is a fast rising star with movimus holding his own with dave markus and others and showcasing his star power at ucw. how will axel fare against this hot shot? i can't wait


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