As best as I remember, I was writing about Naked Kombat or UCW when I first mentioned ball-grabbing in these pages. It has never been a part of my kink, and I was surprised that it was a part of anybody's. For me, a low blow (or a low wring) is just pain, pure pain, whose eroticism is mostly imperceptible. I'm fine with its being a part of other people's' kinks, just a little shocked initially. More than anything, I'm surprised it was perhaps 2009 or 2010 before it dawned on me that some of my co-kinksters got off on it. How, after all those years, could I have been so naive?

For all I know BG East has always featured ball-grabbing as a legit ring and mat tactic. If so, I missed it. If I thought of it at all, my assumption was that it was strictly the domain of heels ... or heroes giving heels a taste of their own medicine. But lately I've seen it's something of a norm at the company, for heels and babyfaces alike. So, for the sickos (and I say it with love) into testicular torment, I present some defining moments from the vaults of The Arena @BGEast.com.

And, yeah, I kinda get it now.

Billy Lodi on Kid Karisma's in Fan Fantasy 4 (soon to be released)

Eli Black on Boyd Hicks's in Undagear 24

Jonny Firestorm on Christophe France's in 3-Way Thrash 3 (soon to be released)

Kayden Keller on Leo Tomasi's in Ring Releases 3

Mad Mykel on Ty Alexander's in Ring Releases 3

Masked Menace on Lazlo Kohl's in Masked Destroyers 1 (soon to be released)

Ray Dalton on Gold Shaft's in Cockfight 2

Thrash on Trey Dixon's in Masked Destroyers 1 (soon to be released)


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