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PeeWee vs Marco, Custom Video Series 30 (Thunders Arena)

From a purely objective standpoint, this made-to-order ring match is nothing to shout about. The action overall is clumsy and slow, especially when the wrestlers try to transition from one hold to the next. Whether the endearingly self-effacing PeeWee can carry off a heel turn depends a lot on how imaginative the viewer is. Personally, I find Marco much better suited to the mat than to the ring, and the ending of this contest is not only anticlimactic but also, worse, ho-hum. The camerawork and editing sag far below the high quality of Thunders videos I'm accustomed to. Turn the sound off and switch to black-and-white, I could be watching a mail-order 8mm reel from AMG in 1950.

But ...

What if I enjoy the old AMG stuff, as self-conscious and clumsily made as much of that product was? What if I am charmed by PeeWee's inability to cop an attitude? What if I am a sucker for Marco in a sky-blue shoestring bikini that keeps creeping up his muscular butt cheeks? And what if a part of me is sympathetic towards the guy who paid a custom-video price to see his personal Marco fantasy turned into reality? Further, what if it looks like Marco and PeeWee are enjoying the hell out of this phony-baloney skit?

I can't recommend this video for everybody, but personally I'm happy with my purchase. The shot of Marco straddling PeeWee's face is now tattooed onto my sexual imagination forever. Not for a millisecond can I tear my eyes off Marco's hard and voluminous physique, and every slight contraction of muscle and wobble of butt meat causes me to salivate. I'm not being fair to every other muscle boy I scoffed at for not selling the ring drama, but even at its worse PeeWee vs Marco makes me smile ... and tent like an Aztec pyramid. Marco is my man, so I could not really stop myself from buying this download--and I'm positive I made the right choice.


  1. How could you not salivate at Marco. The guy's body is utterly gorgeous and he knows how to wrestle. He is one of the few people to exist who could be photographed from any angle wearing absolutely nothing and you wouldn't find one unflattering picture in the whole bunch.


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