Marco vs Eagle

Marco vs Eagle, No Holds Barred 61 (Thunders Arena)

We can all probably agree that a match pitting Marco against Eagle is, in and of itself, an exceptionally good thing. If the event does not give us either wrestler at his personal best and if the lighting is uniformly inadequate (considerable tweaking went into the screen grabs above), No Holds Barred 61 still features muscle bulging atop muscle and straining against elasticized trunks in a race to burst loose first. The delights of the latter far outweigh the negatives of the former.

The effort Marco's jellybean-blue bikini makes to stay in place and keep the video PG-13 supplies all the suspense and intensity lacking in the competition. Over the years I have realized that drama is just not Thunders Arena's thing. With rare exceptions, Arena matches are, by design, good-natured frolics between fuck-worthy gym buddies, with plenty of posturing and boyish teasing, but hardly a hint of attitude, aggression, or animosity.

I have come to accept and appreciate the company's lackadaisical approach to conflict. Both Marco and Eagle come off as genial and fun-loving, meaning nobody any serious harm. I should add, though, that for me a large part of Marco's appeal is an undercurrent of menace, which, over the course of 16 months or so, he has kept well hidden. It's hard to recognize in him today the guy who once told me he begged Mr. Mike to put him on the mat with a wrestler he disliked intending to bust him up for real. (That confession has fostered a number of fantasies, I can tell you.)

My moments of ecstasy in NHB16 include all the times Marco shows off his brute power by hoisting Eagle in the air in a fireman's carry or torture rack or bear hug. Each instance makes me feel a little dizzy, not to mention horny. And it's never anything less than rewarding whenever Marco deigns to punch Eagle in the face with his crotch ... or ride his ass like a trick rider at the rodeo. And I have to love the way Eagle seals his fate (over and over again) by striking a few too many muscle poses and just daring Marco to do something about it.

A few weeks ago an online pal and I discussed the charms of Marco. Our shared opinion was that he is a superstud. Even further, we agreed that, whatever his own sexuality, Marco has a well-honed sense of what gay wrestling fans like. He never fails to give us exactly what we want with exactly the right mix of sass and scorn and animal magnetism. 

Eagle, too, is exceptionally sexy, perhaps slightly less charismatic than Marco, but more Apollo-like in his masculine beauty. He may not be as swole as his opponent here, but he possesses a natural elegance that Marco does not.  (Of course, part of me says this in hopes of riling Marco up for a rematch ... with better lighting.)


  1. Better lighting with Eagle this time also in tiny posers.

  2. Do you know Marco's real name?


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