On bi trebao boriti.


The hipster beard may scare some people away, but not me. For many months I've been mildly obsessed (can one be mildly obsessed?) with Croatian fitness trainer, model, and judo master Robert Blazevic (pronounced blah-zuh-vitch, my best guess). He should wrestle. Ideally he should wrestle me, but that ain't happening in this lifetime. But I am badly smitten, and that means I need to see him fight somebody. He reminds me of someone I had a long-distance crush on a few years ago, not that Blazevic needs a forerunner to catch my eye. Everything about him, including the beard but especially the piercing and dark, joyless eyes, screams "my type." If I were Mother Nature, I would have put more hair on his forearms and thighs, but maybe Nature did and Nair and/or electrolysis undid for the sake of the modeling career. Anyway, perfection!


  1. Wow, this man is pure masculine beauty. I agree with the sentiment he needs to wrestle. Maybe there are some hot shirtless judo matches somewhere out there? I'm curious how did you find him, since he doesn't intersect with the wrestling world (much)

    1. Good question, Eli. I can't remember precisely. As I recall, I saw a photo, the 7th (beach) photo, just by accident on Tumblr or Instagram, and did an image search on Google and found his name. Then I searched for more images using the name. By that point, I was so lost in my fantasies that I stopped research on the actual man.


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