Rude Boy

James "Rude Boy" Riley vs GreekGod Papadon, Standing Tall (Five Borough Wrestling)

All comparisons are odious, I know, but here they come. Rude Boy Riley is CM Punk meets Seth Rollins meets Alex Wright meets Barry Wyndham. Odious enough? How about some mythology? Dionysus meets Gilgamesh meets "Mad Max" Rockatansky meets Loki. In wrestling, nine times out of ten I feel the call of the wild. A wild, reckless fight performed by a couple of toughs, one old-school macho veteran type (Papadon, 38, 6', 233#), the other an anarchic hold-nothing-back rebel (Riley, 24, 6'1", 208#), is wrestling heaven for me. This match from February is not perfect, but, to cite Grace Jones, it's per-fect for me. Papadon treats Rude Boy like a rag doll for the first third of this match, but then something snaps in the Boy's head, and by the finish he's all over Papadon like Zuni Warrior Doll on Karen Black. You want more Rude? He has a website.


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