Santoro Sunday

Knowing I'd be busting my ass this weekend at work, I prepared some posts in advance. In fact, these are shots I didn't use in The Hots on Wednesday. Naked Kombat star Billy Santoro (a perfect 6', 190#) is my current wrestle-obsession, so I went overboard on the screen grabs. Here are the "outtakes."

Billy Santoro vs Jessie Colter, 1 January 2014

Billy Santoro vs Eli Hunter, 8 October 2014

Billy Santoro vs Nick Capra, 28 January 2015


  1. Love your posts on Naked Kombat and porn stars who wrestle. One of my favorites is Landon Conrad wrestling Doug Acre, a smaller guy who outwrestles and humiliates the hunkier muscle stud. Can't wait to check out Billy now

    1. I will check out Conrad vs Acre. Though I don't remember it, I may have already seen it since I like both those guys.


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