The Hots

 Billy Santoro (6', 190#)

Naked Kombat. I love that game. I used to play the home edition. I like the NK players too, most of whom fall somewhere in between the skinny tough guys on UCW and the bulgy strongmen on Thunders Arena. Some look like the strippers you can find everywhere else. Due to the rules of the game, the men are, perforce, porn stars. A few of them look like fitness models, but on the whole the fitness-model types (if they wrestle)  gravitate towards underground sites that do not recognize splooge-sucking and ass-fingering as wrestling tactics.

My relationship with NK is spotty and complicated. I'm not new to the site. I signed up soon after its startup, then lapsed, then signed back on, then lapsed again, and then recently signed back on again. One reason I have let my subscription lapse twice is that, perhaps unavoidably, there's a lot of redundancy, wrestlers doing and saying what's been done and said a dozen times before. I have, I'm told, a high novelty-seeking personality, which probably makes me almost as bad a wrestling fan as I am a boyfriend.

The 15 studs in these photos are my tried-and-true. My go-to and cum-to guys. They have the looks I go for, also the cockiness and fight. (I'd like to hear from other NK fans, devoted or, like me, fickle. Feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments section below. I know I haven't seen everything, and it's likely I  left some very good ones off the list.)

Trent Diesel (6', 185#) and Gavin Waters (6', 200#)

Micah Brandt (5'9", 175#) and Landon Conrad (5'9", 185#)

 Race Cooper (5'11", 173#) and Rusty Stevens (6', 184#)

Sebastian Keys (6', 175#) and Paul Wagner (5'11", 205#)

Tate Ryder (5'11", 198#) and Jackson (6'2", 191#)

Trey Turner (6', 205#; with Sebastian Keys)

Leo Forte (5'10", 170#)

Brandon Lewis (6'1", 175#) and Brenn Wyson (6', 178#)


  1. My initial enthusiasm for NK was matched only by how often i pleasured myself to its content, but after a few months, like you i grew bored, the formula was always the same, but no matter how good the cake, you can only eat so much. I have re-upped my membership, but generally for no more than a month. Its frustrating as they combine 2 of my favorite things, fighting and fucking, but until they realize that they need to fake the fight, like they fake the fuck, i don't think i have ever seen a guy scream in pain like i have seen in NK, then i probably won't rejoin. As for favorites, DJ and Shane Erickson were 2 of my favorites. Shane's fight against Christian Wilde is in my top 10. Kink generally puts out a great product, but for NK to gain my dollars, they need to hire Axel/Ethan on a consultant basis, when that happens i will re-up.

  2. Great post on Naked Kombat. I too love the thought of intersecting sex and wrestling and as mentioned, it has its ups and downs. Definitely wish more porn guys would wrestle or take some wrestling classes. Landon Conrad is the hottest of them all. Leo Forte not really

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