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Darius started on the private wrestling sites, posting some of his living-room contests against other mega-proportioned grapplers on YouTube, as MrBlkmuscles. The original site is gone, which is a pity, and I don't know whether you can find these matches elsewhere, but you can see him on BG East, where he has taken on some of the company's most popular babyfaces.

Darius specializes in Rodin-quality muscle and agony. I hesitate to call him a jobber, knowing that the term is viewed as pejorative among some fans, but in the interest of a dramatic fight he plays the hell out of being vanquished by similarly hot and beefy adversaries. With his physical presence and embrace of the homoeroticism of man-to-man combat, Darius hikes the temperature of every match he's in. These shots on The Arena @BGEAST are some of my favorites.

Matches: Muscle Rookies 1: Initiations, Matmen 25, Forced to Flex 1, Muscle Madness 1, The Great Outdoors 1, and Ringwars 16


  1. I only have a couple of videos with Darius (Trent Blayze and Jayden Mayne), but I enjoyed them both. Do have any recommendations for other great Darius action?

    1. The two you mention are on my list too, Alex, but you can't lose with Joshua Goodman and Austin Cooper on the card. I like them all pretty much equally. His non-BGE living-room matches showcase the man's exquisite taste in home furnishings as well as his muscle and wrestling skill. Perhaps someone else can point us to where these videos can still be found.

    2. Thanks! Those living room videos sound awesome.

  2. As the camera person for Darius that film his videos in his house I can tell you that they are no long on the net. I will be glad to share some pic of him that he did recently in the ring. just let me know where I should send them do if you like to post some on here. Thanks


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