Double Shockeroo

Alex Waters vs Chad Daniels, Troubled Waters (Rock Hard Wrestling)

My big fat boner is sending a handwritten thank-you note to Rock Hard Wrestling this morning.  Yesterday the company dropped its finest ring-rocker in years. In a pulse-racing homecoming and return to form, heel-hottie Alex squares off against relative newcomer  Chad (Alex's eighteenth RHW appearance, Chad's fifth). The match is paradigm-changing on at least two counts.

One, Daniels comes into his own in this contest, forcing the king of no-sell to express agony and humiliation hitherto unseen from Waters. Long thought impossible, Chad makes the deadpan pretty-boy whimper, yelp, and grit his teeth, not once, but at least a half-dozen times in this tight and transfixing three-rounder. I've never seen Alex break a sweat this fast or this hard.

Two, as difficult as it is to believe, Alex Waters may now be going to Supercuts--it's that or else he had to sleep in his car on the morning of the shoot. The man has never had a hair out of place in his life ... till now, but he is sexier than ever in this fight--and Waters is no stranger to sexy. (Truth be told, I like his hair. It looks mussable. Clutchable.)

All that said, Alex has lost none of his edge. Not by a long shot! He's as tough and mean as I remembered him. When at the end of Round 1 he turns the tables on Chad, it's execution time. Will Chad rebound and regain control of the fight? Has Alex met his match, or is this just Daniels' lucky day? Are both these wrestlers reaching the summit of Mount Cocky at exactly the same time?

The battle punches all my buttons. Hair gets pulled. Throats get crushed into the ring ropes. Bodies get slammed like steak on the grill. Schoolboy gets pinned under schoolboy crotch. And biceps as big as honeydews get popped every six minutes as testament to the macho-power of Chad and Alex. A third of the way into Round 2, both wrestlers are slippery with sweat. It is beautiful. The new match is a high point in both wrestlers' careers, one of Rock Hard's personal best, and new essential viewing at my house.


  1. Your first four words sum up the whole affect of this match. Your write up is as juicy to read as Alex and Chad are divine to see. I will just have to call this sex de Mayo. Jason

    1. Jason: "Sex de Mayo," wish I had thought of that title! In my opinion, Alex and Chad have never been more voluptuous or aggressive as they are in this match.

  2. Great review, great match. Not quite up to the standard of Alex's destruction of Jake which is perhaps my favourite match in the RHW catalogue. But it runs it close with Chad upping his game this time around.

    The story of Alex's hair over the last few years has been a true epic. Ha ha. And now it has been set free to flop about I am even more of a fan.



    1. Haha! Free the hair, Sid, free the hair!

  3. Amazing muscle studs. Either one of them would be an awesome opponent in the ring. Chad rocks, but Alex is one hot stud too.


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