Blake Morris vs Sam Shields, Burn It Down (Fighting Spirit Wrestling)

Morris is a hero. The fans chant "Flawless." They love him. He's a big youngster (5'10", 202#) with a terrific face and Prince Valiant hair. This is New York City in November of 2014. His opponent Shields (5'9", 217#) is nicknamed "The Machine." His high and tight haircut, militantly severe, says almost everything you need to know about him. (Interestingly, he wears pink. Brave choice.) Physically similar, both are heavyweight wrestlers with low centers of gravity, with thick, sturdy midsections, but they couldn't be more different in temperament. Morris is bright and outgoing, a man of the people. Shields is saturnine, all business, nothing matters but winning. Blake is accompanied to the ring by his partner, Rex Lawless ("Flawless and Lawless" they're called). Rex stands encouragingly at ringside but does not interfere in the match. It's a good fight, with rock-'em sock-'em moments that lets everybody know these two men mean business. Their character differences reveal themselves in the course of the contest, Morris, quick, opportunistic, risk-taking; Shields, brutal, callous, relentless.


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