In the Cockpit with Matt and Will

Matt Sydal vs Will Ospreay, RevPro TV 1.08 (Revolution Pro Wrestling)

Up-and-coming UK high-flyer Ospreay and veteran US high-flyer Sydal keep their feet mostly on the mat in this non-title contest from last May in the Cockpit Theatre in London (a teaser match for their collision the following month over the cruiserweight title, the property of young Will at the time). They prove themselves brilliantly adept in the traditional science of catch wrestling, with lots of give and take and torturous manhandling in and out of the ring. Ospreay (6'1", 174#) is noted for his toughness, and Sydal (5'9", 185#) seems sadistically curious about the strapping Brit's capacity for pain. Sydal's prolonged, strategic assault on the younger wrestler's left leg kicks the action off, and it is a recurring theme through the match.

Sydal came to my attention first as a gravity-defying babyface in MTV's before-its-time series Wrestling Society X ten years ago. He was an instant hit with me then. I'm surprised it's taken me this long to mention him in the blog. Ospreay entered these pages in February. Earlier this year he appeared briefly at TNA, but (wisely, I think) flew the coop for Tokyo, where New Japan Pro Wrestling has reportedly offered him a continuing contract. This incredible fight is captured here in crystal clear hi-def video (after about 15 minutes worth of prologue).


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