Jerry vs Terry

Jerry Lynn vs Terry Daniels, (World Championship Wrestling)

Big thanks to My Wrestling Obsession for sharing great little matches like this one from the early to middle 1990s. It's one of those gems that begin fair and sporting and gentlemanlike but then turn into an all-out fight as tensions rise and tempers flare. The drama stems from the fact that both men seem to want the contest to remain fair and square, but emotions are sometimes hard to contain. Lynn in blue trunks (5'9", 205#)  is beautifully matched against Daniels in yellow (5'8", 224#).  Curly pull-able hair, shimmering sweat, joint-popping abuse, prolonged entanglements of exhausted bodies: those were the days.


  1. Hey, where'd you find this footage of my days in the ring? 😀


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