Little Things That You Do

With one simple gesture, Kay Jutler "The Model" defines the moral boundaries of the match.

Not just shifty, but cowardly too. No wonder the fans at Frome, Somerset, want a new champion, one who is strong, honorable, ...

 ... and ingenious without being shady. Notice the handy way Charlie Garrett escapes from Jutler's full nelson ...

... as opposed to the unmanly manner of Jutler's escape from the same hold.

And in addition to skill and integrity, the fans would be getting THIS (all 6'1", 224# of him) to gaze upon week after week.

The champ spends most of the match trying to get away from the challenger, and Charlie has taken as much of this shit as he's going to.

Having tasted the full force of Garrett's wrath, Jutler takes his title belt and hightails it out of the venue, forcing Charlie to literally drag the champ back to the ring by the scruff of the neck.

But the hairy-chested stud muffin knows all the muscle and integrity in the world is nothing compared to a well-timed low blow.

And it may look like a small thing, but moving the pad makes a world of difference in the effectiveness of a knee drop.

Sometimes simple and direct is the best way for a heel to get his point across.

Charlie Garrett vs Kay Jutler, Showdown, 28 February 2016 (Combat Sports Federation)


  1. Ii was actually there for that match. Jutler was indeed brilliant in his performance and Garrett's victory hugely satisfying and loudly received.

    1. Definitely a match I wish I had seen live and in person.

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