For the record, Justin Pierce was no jobber. In his heyday at BG East, he was the company's prettiest face and one of its toughest grapplers. He won as often as he lost. In fact, he won some of the matches pictured here, despite the sticky predicaments he finds himself in. He shone brightest on the mat, in my opinion, but he could sell the heck out of a ring match, too. He looked great dominating, and he looked great being dominated. A case could be made that his tenure at BGE was one long attempt by the company to discover a way he didn't look great. To my knowledge, none was ever found, though the best heels of his day took a crack at him. Here for the record are my favorite shots of Pierce in peril.

Top to bottom: Justin Pierce vs Doug Warren (all smiles), Justin vs Adam Killion, Justin vs Aryx Quinn, Justin vs Blaze, Justin vs Brad Rochelle, Justin vs Brandon Aldrich, Justin vs Colton Dwyer, Justin vs Doc Holliday, Justin vs Doug Warren*, Justin vs Glenn Scott, Justin vs Joe Mazetti, Justin vs Mikey Vee, Justin vs Patrick Donovan, Justin vs Tony Cosenti, Justin vs Joshua Goodman

* Mat Hunks 7, the DVD containing this match, is for sale with no reference to Doug or Justin, but my assumption is that the match is still included on the disk. Similarly, photos for Undagear 11, with Pierce going against Troy Baker, are missing from The Arena@BGEAST or that match would certainly have made this list. The disk is still for sale and the description includes Pierce vs Baker.


  1. Justin Pierce is one of my favorite BGEast wrestlers. He was so hot, and everytime I see him (especially in his "spiky" hairstyle), I just wanna lay my hands on him and wrestle with him.

    His match vs. Doug Warren was my favorite. I thought I'd like a match from him against someone around his age, yet his match against Doug was just really, really hot.

  2. Justin Pierce was perfection. As you say, he was incredible in all situations and all gear. I especially liked his first fall against Mikey Vee, but there was no match where I didn't think he was great. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I know what I'm watching this weekend.

  3. I know it could never happen, but I wish BG East (sort of the grand daddy of the gay wrestling scene) would have a reunion disc with all the guys from 10-20 years ago. Matches between them would be great, but I'd also just be curious to see what they look like & what they are doing now. Thanks, Joe for the great post. Discovering BG East while in college was a real outlet for me, before I ever had even kissed a boy. It sort of walked me through my sexual feelings as I entered my twenties. Oh, and yes, Justin Pierce could pin me anytime he wants!

  4. Well said, Mikey, Alex, and anonymous, and thanks for sharing your comments. I couldn't agree more. I would love to wrestle Justin, pin him, then get pinned by him, then retaliate with a foreign object, then have him, Killion, Rochelle, Blaze, Quinn, Warren, Aldrich, Holliday, Donovan, Cosenti, Vee, Scott, Mazetti, and Goodman pile on top of me for some much deserved comeuppance. Is that asking for too much?

  5. Doug Warren was the hottest BGE man for me. Loved his encounters with Scott Williams, Dick 'The Prick' Dawson, Wade Cutler, Brandon Aldrich, Colin Vaughan, Sal Bruno and Justin Pierce, to name some. Any other Doug fans out there?


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