Jonah Marx vs Brandon Blake, May 11, 2016 (Naked Kombat)

It's hard to talk about any one Naked Kombat release without referencing them all. Like summer blockbusters and Big Macs, NK matches offer dependably high-quality production with only slight variations in plot and tone. It has found a factory-like system that works, works splendidly, in fact, and the strengths and weaknesses of the performers--some of whom wrestle competitively, some of whom roll over each other like boyfriends feeling frisky--count for less than they do at underground wrestling sites which depend almost entirely on the talents of individual wrestlers, making them somewhat less consistent in quality.

At Naked Kombat you're more likely to see regular guys--the sort of guys you see at the bar or in the barracks. You are less likely to see bodybuilders, models, or teens. Hairy-chested Jonah Marx is my kind of guy from the looks of him. He and Brandon Blake stand over six feet tall and weigh under 190. In the prologue, Marx (in blue) assures us that he is "gonna pulverize [Blake's] ass and have him begging for mercy," to which Blake (in red) responds, more colorfully, "I'm gonna fuck Jonah Marx in a puddle of his own cum." Maybe Blake is my kind of guy too. The introductions, made with the two combatants standing shoulder to shoulder, are pithy, to the point, and brief--and hotter than the longer posedowns and rambling harangues fans wait through at other promotions.

If you can't tell who's gonna win this contest within the first minute, you probably also won't understand the words I use in the following spoiler. Marx pulverizes Blake's ass and makes him beg for mercy. Not only is Marx physically my type, he's got the chops to take care of business on the wrestling mat. Blake hardly gets a chance to come up for air. In Round 1, Jonah snatches Brandon's red bikini off and crams it into his mouth. Rip and strip matches blend wrestling and striptease, two things I like. The combination considerably enhances the pleasures of each. Marx is an especially skillful denuder of men, in my opinion. He even pulls down his own trunks to flaunt his cock right in Blake's face, teasing him with the prospect of his upcoming abasement.


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