Springtime for PWP

Eric vs Mathieu, March Spring Conquest (PWP Wrestling)

Next to (of course) wrestlers, I like strippers, and in homoerotic wrestling I will sometimes sacrifice a little in the wrestling department for strapping youth in hardly bikinis. It's a tough tradeoff for me since wrestling skill is a bigger turn-on for me than pretty bodies. My early memories of PWP Wrestling, typically ground zero for such aesthetic tradeoffs, revolve around personal favorites like Kid Brandon, Sexy Steve, Special K, and Sebastien. Their abilities varied, but the average skill levels clustered fairly low, yet their smooth legs and torsos were often enough to drive me a little crazy. 

It has been years since my last visit, and I was especially curious about what was new at the company. I'm happy to see that a few things have not changed. The matches are still shot on the strippers' home turf during non-business hours, and the gear is as squee-teensy as I remember. As it turns out, PWP had just introduced two new talents at the end of March, one of whom is Eric.

Eric has the pouty good looks I like in somebody I'd like to beat up (or try to), combined with a meaty physique similar to Lane Hartley's. His smaller opponent, Mathieu, takes immediate control, but the majority of the 31-minute video sees Eric dominating his more experienced adversary. There is nothing, or almost nothing, of continuity and coherence here, no segues between a series of holds that, while interesting in themselves, do not add up to a story.  (By no means is PWP the only underground wrestling company to provide series of "money shots" with no or bare-minimal narrative thread.)

"I don't play by the rules," Eric announces, right after Mathieu has said, "I am the best." The lines offer little by way of character development or motivation to conflict, but I adore the French accents. I could bask in those accents--and in the past I have enjoyed the sounds of smack talk in French almost as much as the view of trunks gradually gathering up and over near-perfect buttocks. What PWP does not stint on is body contact. Why waste time on threats and acrobatics when you can get right down to the fundamentals of erotic wrestling, which are (let's face it) two or more near-naked bodies squirming in and around each other. PWP is a specialty shop for bear hugs, scissor holds, headlocks, schoolboy pins, and sleepers. If there's a wrestling hold that requires prolonged skin-tense body contact, PWP has a video dedicated entirely to it.

My favorite thing about Eric is his two (count 'em) facial expressions, amply illustrated in the screen grabs above. One suggests concentration or pain (and sometimes concentration and pain together). The other expresses his smug superiority ... to Mathieu ... to the match itself. That last shot above takes the cake: in the background, Mathieu trapped, grimacing, and writhing between Eric's massive thighs; in the foreground, Eric staring languorously at the camera, as if to say there are oh so many better things he could be doing with his time than slowly, methodically choking his foe into unconsciousness.


  1. Eric is très chaud!

    PWP is a very mixed bag, but it has sentimental value for me as it's one of the first homoerotic sites I discovered.

    The proprietors have to know that watchers are ciritical. They ought to spend some time training and improving the roster's skills. By now new employees should understand what will be expected of them and shouldn't begrudge the time and effort. Under those circumstances this experience on their CV could help them find positions at, say, RHW. A good number have suitable builds and looks. Including Eric!

  2. I agree with the comment above. I have bought a couple of their videos and have been disappointed. I also hate sites that sell videos without saying how many minutes the match is. Can you help with the length of the match?

    1. This video runs just short of 32 minutes. Quite a few years ago, before this blog and when PWP was new, I contacted the owner to state how wowed I was by the models and how much I wished they would actually wrestle. His answer was basically that he knew the wrestling wasn't great and that the whole venture was something of a hobby, minimal financing at the startup (basically a video camera and some persuadable French-Canadian strippers), the profits not being significant enough to warrant a lot of investment in growth and quality control. I haven't been in contact in over a decade, but from the looks of the site, the situation hasn't changed much. It appears to be something of a labor of love (like Ringside at Skull Island).

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