Johnny Gargano vs Tyson Dux, ESW Knight of Justice (Empire State Wrestling)

First of all, I want to thank Jim, cyber-friend and occasional visitor to this blog, for recommending this Empire State Wrestling match from March. Jim knows my tastes in wrestlers and wrestling action, and he thought this contest would be right up my alley. Of course, he was right.

Johnny "Johnny Wrestling" Gargano wants to wrestle. Tyson Dux wants to FIGHT. Pushed hard, Johnny gives Tyson the fight he wants, inside and outside the squared circle. Then Dux decides he wants even more--a rock-em sock-em black-and-blue brawl ... and he won't leave the ring without one.

Tyson may be just what Johnny needs to work the already enthusiastic upstate New York fans into a frenzy. I like both wrestlers. If I had to pick only one, it would be Gargano, not least of all because I saw him at a live event four years ago, and he absolutely killed.

If you want to know the upshot of all this, you need to watch the video on YouTube. My poor screen grabs provide only an irradiated** taste of the action, which climaxes in a rough-and-tumble face-off on the ring apron (around the 15 minute mark).

* "The Best Professional Wrestler on the Planet," as testified at the end of the contest.
** Maybe I got a little carried away.


  1. I hear Johnny Gargano is a really popular wrestler. Never having met him, he falls into a category of wrestlers that gets me hard but I don't like what he's done to his face. The story I fantasize is Gargano gets his hot bod worked over and punished for having weird haircuts and beard trims.

    1. I hear you loud and clear, Eli, but I like tonsorial risk-takers. For me they seem like playful spirits, even when I'm not a fan of the particular stylings (which happily can be shaved off, if I win the unsanctioned hair match).

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